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Amanda Curtis Endorses John Heenan for Congress

Amanda Curtis is Montana State Representative from Butte, Montana. She ran for the United States Senate in 2014.

Amanda Curtis proudly endorses John Heenan for Congress.

Written by Amanda Curtis

Dear Friends,

I’d like you to meet my friend, John Heenan.  John is a husband, father of four, and small business owner in Billings.  He’s a consumer protection lawyer who has spent the last decade helping Montanans stand up against powerful banks, insurance companies, and corporations.  John’s also a candidate for United States Congress.

As you know, Montana sent a bully to DC, and that’s had some of us feeling a little down about politics lately.  But John Heenan knows how to stand up against bullies, and he’s got lots of practice at it.  I’m grateful that John has announced his candidacy for Congress, and John’s early, impressive campaign has renewed my faith that we can send someone who represents all Montanans to Washington DC.

I’m impressed with John’s campaign; he’s raising money, hiring staff, and traveling the state.  John’s team is already building the statewide infrastructure that it will take to win the general election in 2018.

I’m excited about this candidate, and I’m asking you to support him.

Check out his website, and you’ll see that he’s right on the issues we care about, including women’s rights, healthcare, and ending Citizens United.  Please, sign up to volunteer for his campaign and contribute what you can.

Please join me in supporting John Heenan for Congress.  Together, we can elect a Congressman who’s for the people.


Amanda Curtis

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