Wish Montana Blogging Pioneer Pete Talbot a Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was Pete Talbot’s birthday.

Wish him a happy one if you see him around Missoula or see him playing table tennis at the Union Club.

I’ve been reading Pete Talbot’s blogs longer than I have known the word blog existed. I believe Pete started at 4 and 20 Blackbirds in Missoula way back in the first days of Montana bloggers. Before WordPress gobbled it all up and back when you could have a civil conversation online. I think those days are gone, at least for a while, but Pete still infuses the energy into the debate to have real conversations and debates.

Pete personifies what it means to be a blogger, he is curious, he is intelligent, he reads between the lines in the newspaper and he digs deeper. Pete gives his personal analysis and asks the tough questions that need to be asked without the filter of a profit margin or editor with an agenda.

We all need to thank Pete for building this movement of citizen-powered journalism. We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we have plenty of questions. We don’t hide our support for certain policies, we let it make our writing stronger and our words more powerful as you know our motivations, values, and long-term goals.

We want policy change, that is intrinsic in what makes blogging powerful, we don’t work for a paycheck, we work for Medicare for All and working to stop the devastating effects of climate change. We work for more funding for our schools and fighting the destructive forces of our criminal justice system on the poor and historically disenfranchised.

A better world is possible and we won’t stop fighting.

Thank Pete Talbot for his years of service and wish him a happy 64th birthday if you see him around.


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