Garrett Lankford: Together We Can Make Great Falls Even Greater

Garrett Lankford is a Great Falls native that is running for the Montana legislature in 2018.

Garrett is dedicated to making Montana and Great Falls an even better place to live and work. Garrett is currently running to serve State House District 25 in Great Falls, Montana. Garrett is a proud Great Falls Democrat.

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Garrett Lankford issued the following statement that could be called a love letter to his hometown, Great Falls, but it is also an aspirational piece that strives for a better future.

Written by Garrett Lankford

Great Falls is a quirky little town. Most people know our town for its mighty Missouri river, our gale-force wind, and the mythical Piano Pat. We have summers that can melt your sneakers to the asphalt when you step outside and winters that will freeze a cup of coffee solid in minutes. We have 15 elementary schools, two middles schools, and three high schools that produce some of the state’s smartest and most innovative students.

We have a local symphony that rivals those in any metropolis, and Great Falls is home to Great Falls College-MSU, which helps to train our areas local workforce for meaningful employment. I can go on and on about my hometown and continue listing how great it is, but there is a fine line between pride and hubris and I am flirting with it. Like many other places, Great Falls has much to be proud of.

Since returning to the electric city from college, I have gotten to know countless community members who feel the same way I do about the Electric City, and for the past year, we have been increasingly worried that some our legislative representation does not feel the same sense of pride in our community. Out of that worry, I made the decision to run for the state legislature.

I can no longer sit back and watch as one of our current representatives repeatedly votes against his constituents.

I can no longer watch as he proposes legislation that prohibits local city governments from enforcing ordinances that keep cell phones out of the hands of young drivers. I can no longer watch my representative vote against providing our firefighters and first responders with the health insurance they need, so if they develop a lung disease incurred on the job they have access to health care that will save their lives.

I can no longer stand idle as my representative votes against establishing a child abuse and neglect review commission when Cascade County consistently ranks number one in the state for child abuse and neglect cases.

I can no longer sit while my representative votes no on funding our public education system.

It is a Great Falls and Montana tradition to grow up, as I did, helping your community so everyone succeeds. When our neighbors are down we rally around them to make sure they have the help they need. That is what this campaign is all about. Rallying around Great Falls so that our community and all of Montana continue to remain the best place to live.



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