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Trump Descends into Madness over Russian Indictments as the Free Press Holds Him Accountable

The New York Times has taken a stand against the inability of President Donald John Trump to stand up to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. On Friday the New York Times covered the indictment of 13 Russian Nationals in a vast conspiracy to manipulate the outcome of the 2016 American Presidential election:

The Justice Department charged 13 Russians and three companies in a sprawling indictment that unveiled a sophisticated effort to subvert the 2016 election and help the Trump campaign. It stretched from an office in St. Petersburg, Russia, into the social feeds of of Americans and ultimately reached the streets of election battleground states.

The New York Times reported that the most frightening concern after these indictments is:

Trump’s continued reluctance to criticize President Vladimir V. Putin

This is the most damning fact, that even in the face of a growing list of indictments inside his own campaign and outside of it, run by Russians, President Trump will not condemn any actions of Putin, even in the face of glaring evidence.

The New York Times titled another article on Friday:

Trump’s conspicuous silence leaves a struggle against Russia without a leader

President Trump responded with his typical pablum meant to deflect and distract and the tenor of his tweets shows a concerning trend about his deceit:

The New York Times responded directly to this tweet:

He voiced no concern that a foreign power had been trying for nearly four years to upend American democracy, much less resolve to stop it from continuing to do so this year.

The indictment secured by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, underscored the broader conclusion by the American government that Russia is engaged in a virtual war against the United States through 21st century tools of disinformation and propaganda, a conclusion shared by the President’s own senior advisers and intelligence chiefs.

But it is a war being fought on the American side without a commander in chief.

The New York Times concluded by letting their editorial board speak for all Americans:

This is all going to happen again. Intelligence and law enforcement authorities have made that clear. The question is whether Mr. Trump will at last accept the fact of Russian interference and take aggressive measures to protect American democracy. For starters, he could impose sanctions on Russia that Congress overwhelmingly passed, and that he signed into law, last summer. Of course, this would require him to overcome his mysterious resistance to acting against Russia and to focus on protecting his own country.

President Trump rolled out a series of unhinged tweets throughout Friday and late into Saturday evening deciding to end his disgusting rant by deflecting and casting blame at the organization that has been most consistent in investigating him, since his inauguration, the FBI. This was the tweet in question, a truly reprehensible thing to say from the man who is tasked with leading this nation, not destroying it from within.

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