One Year Later: Steve Daines and Adam Hertz are Still Cowards

If you are going to run for elected office and try to represent Montanans then you must have the courage of your convictions to cast your vote as your conscience dictates and you must be willing to defend those votes to Montanans, face to face.

On this front, Adam Hertz and Steve Daines fail.

I detailed what happened almost exactly one year ago here: Cowards of the Day: Adam Hertz and Steve Daines.

Nothing has changed in the last year and if anything the cowardice of these two has grown.

It is well-documented how little regard Steve Daines has for his constituents. He won’t meet with them anytime or anywhere. Last year he cancelled a speech to the Montana legislature because he heard Montanans were going to be there. I did here he met with 5 people in Terry recently, that’s neat and all, but a million other Montanans would like to see you as well. A town hall has been asked for more times than anyone can count over the past year and Steve Daines has failed to deliver, so instead of asking, we just need to call Daines what he is: a coward.

Speaking of cowards, I noticed yesterday that Adam Hertz filed to run for the state house again. That is too bad for Missoulians. He did not represent Missoula well last session, voting with the Republican majority to slash services for the most vulnerable Montanans while ensuring that the wealthiest did not have to pay their fair share.

It was one vote that Adam Hertz did not take that was most telling though.

When the chance came to vote for a statewide non-discrimination ordinance to protect our LGBTQ friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and fellow citizens from workplace and housing discrimination Adam Hertz didn’t show up. The vote failed 43-55 with two legislators not voting. Adam Hertz was one of those who didn’t vote.

That’s right Adam Hertz didn’t vote at all.

Verified on the state website HERE

He skipped out on even pushing the button.

Missoula has enshrined in law the protections a non-discrimination ordinance that protects the LGBTQ community from discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodation. Helena, Butte, Bozeman and Whitefish also have NDO’s. Montana as a state does not protect the LGBTQ community against discrimination. No statewide NDO exists. What an NDO does is ensure that members of the LGBTQ community cannot be fired for their sexual orientation or gender identity, they cannot be evicted from their homes without notice.

Tacitly affirming his bigotry with his intentional avoidance of voting, but he didn’t even have the courage to stand for his convictions. His father, Greg, voted yes. Adam Hertz’ convictions that LGBTQ Montanans are not equal citizens and don’t deserve the same protection as every other Montanan receive is an abhorrent conviction, but at least it is a conviction.

To not vote at all is by definition cowardly, but even more, it is a dereliction of duty. His job is to vote on the issues before him. He couldn’t even do that for fear of having to take a stand on something.

Missoula will luckily have a chance to replace him this November with someone who can be bothered to vote on the issues before them and most likely that person will wholeheartedly support LGBTQ Montanans.



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