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Tim Fox Guarding the Hen House

Time and time again Tim Fox has let Montanans down. Montana’s Attorney General is a poor excuse for an elected official as he acts more like the local district attorney who hopes by throwing parades and press conferences that someday he can be elected mayor of Great Falls.

I’m sorry to slander district attorney’s, they actually do work. Tim Fox’s career, on the other hand, is based on…well no one is quite sure how he was elected in the first place and finding someone to defeat him seemed to be the forgotten priority of Montana Democrats in 2016. Don’t get me wrong, I like Larry Jent, he’s a nice guy, but not every nice guy should be running for statewide office. When you can’t even garner the endorsement of the Montana AFL-CIO you know you ain’t living right. 

More importantly, Tim Fox just doesn’t have time to do the job that Montanans entrusted him to perform. This mainly involves defending Montana consumers, Montana citizens, and Montana businesses. So what is Tim Fox up to these days?

Tim Fox is currently ignoring a proposed Trump Administration rule that would strip workers of their earned tips and give them to their boss!

The Montana AFL-CIO is one of the fiercest advocates of working Montanans and here is their take on it:

Of all the evil, no good, horrible ideas that the Trump administration has had this is close to the top for the most disgusting. I’ve worked for tips, you’ve worked for tips, many working Americans have survived on tips and in many jobs, the tips come out to be more of your paycheck than the hourly wage.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, the Trump administration’s tip-pooling proposal would result in employers stealing $5.8 billion in wages from low-income workers — and 80 percent of those wages would be stolen from women.

How do we stop this evil policy? Well, 17 state attorney’s general have come together to stand up to this backwards policy that puts income security at risk for many workers who work paycheck to paycheck and pay for groceries with tips.

Of course, Montana Attorney General Tim Fox was NOT one of the 17 as he obviously just doesn’t care about working Montanans, as we have seen time and time again. He steps up to the plate for policies that help big corporations, not Montanans.

Like when Tim Fox attacked Wall Street Reform with this nonsense Koch Brothers word salad:

“Dodd-Frank is an alliance of big government and big business – Pennsylvania Avenue subsidizing Wall Street and suffocating Main Street,” Montana Attorney General Tim Fox said. “Montana’s community banks didn’t cause the 2008 financial crisis, but Dodd-Frank punishes them and our citizens who depend on them for credit to purchase a home, start a business or go to college. It cements the ‘too-big-to-fail’ approach and helps the biggest banks at the expense of consumers.” via CEI

Or when Tim Fox couldn’t be bothered to stand up for Montana cannabis patients and Montana businesses who dispense this medicine. via Billings Gazette

Or when Tim Fox didn’t care to protect Net Neutrality: Tim Fox Refuses to Protect Net Neutrality

Or when Tim Fox wouldn’t defend Montana’s National Parks: Why Isn’t Tim Fox Fighting to Preserve Access to Our National Parks

Or when Tim Fox stood against the rights of LGBTQ Montanans: Tim Fox Defends Discrimination

Or when Tim Fox hired an anti-LGBTQ solicitor general: Why Did Tim Fox Hire Someone Who Made His Legal Career on Bigotry as Solicitor General

The restaurant industry is so evil that they throw food away rather than allow their workers to have a free meal on the job and Tim Fox refuses to fight for these hardworking Montanans against this proposed Trump Administration rule that is straight out of feudal Europe.

I’ve heard folks who said the biggest perk of working in food service was the free sodas they got out of the fountain machine.

To most servers, bartenders, cooks and anyone else who relies on tips the biggest perk is the tips because they earn them through their hard work and kindness to patrons. This is the dignity of work. Being able to be diligent and make a human connection, many in the service industry love their jobs and are dedicated to providing this high-quality service and should be rewarded for it. That is what tipping is all about in America.

Tim Fox doesn’t care though, what he cares about is his next job, he’s not interested in doing his current job like Ryan Zinke never was as congressman or Matt Rosendale is as auditor, he wants that next paycheck and he has been eyeing the governor’s seat for years.

When you’re surrounded by the three stooges of misanthropy at the federal level in Zinke, Daines, and Gianforte at the three stooges of Helena in Stapleton, Arnzten, and Rosendale it is easy to fly under the radar and that is Tim Fox’s master plan. Do nothing and hope no one on either side notices.

That’s Tim Fox’s strategy. Being less bad than those 6 is his path to victory in 2020.

Just remember, he won’t be standing up to Donald Trump when you need a voice, so what makes him qualified to be your governor?

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