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Underwater Greg Gianforte is less popular than Donald Trump

Montanans continue to disapprove of Greg Gianforte’s instability as our state’s lone representative as new poll numbers show him both upside down and beneath President Donald Trump’s standing.

The new poll shows Gianforte suffering even more of a drag when Montanans know his vote to dismantle public land protections, including the Upper Missouri River Breaks.

The multimillionaire currently has a 44% favorability and 45% unfavorability. When Montanans hear about Gianforte’s positions on public lands those numbers drop to 36% favorable and 54% unfavorable.

Meanwhile Donald Trump sits at an in-state 52% favorability and 45% unfavorability.

The poll is a harbinger for the coming U.S. House race. It shows  Gianforte is a deeply flawed candidate on his own, even without mention of his Little Mac impersonation. In large part this is due to his opposition to our public lands dangerously contrasting with the values held by Montanans.

While many Montanans focus on Gianforte’s fealty to President Trump or his propensity to respond to simple policy queries with physical acts of violence this poll tells a different story. Greg Gianforte is outside of the mainstream of Montanans and his policies are as disruptive, if not more, to his public image than his headlines.

A desire to dismantle national monuments, including Bear’s Ear and potentially Montana’s Upper River Missouri Breaks, is a clear signal Gianforte stands for special interests, not Montana.

The poll comes from Whitefish’s Western Values Project, a non-partisan group who holds elected officials accountable for their positions on public lands.

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Max Croes

Max is the founder of Power Street Strategies a political and public communications consulting firm based in Helena. You can find his very biased opinions on the Houston Rockets at The Dream Shake and his thoughts on his cats (loves them) and the Star Wars prequels (loves them even more) on Twitter @CroesFire.

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