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Heenan Beats Gianforte in Funding Race for Congress

Billings Consumer Advocate John Heenan has more money in the bank than Republican Greg Gianforte who has been trailed by problems his entire political career from his run-ins with law over his blocking a public access to a river to his run-ins with the law after he assaulted a reporter on the eve of the special election last May.

Democratic candidate for Congress, John Heenan has been campaigning hard and it shows as he posted some impressive numbers through the first six months of his campaign. According to Mike Dennison of MTN News John Heenan has $375,000 in cash on hand while Gianforte only has $345,000.

It looks like we have a real battle for Congress here in Montana.

These numbers are quite surprising as everyone would expect a vulnerable congressman like Greg Gianforte to post more impressive fundraising numbers than this, but perhaps it shows the lack of enthusiasm voters have about him. Gianforte is looking more and more vulnerable each day though and Montanans are demanding real representation in Congress. Heenan presents a stark contrast to Gianforte. Heenan had nearly 3,000 individual donors to make his fundraising haul. That is a massive amount of grassroots support at this stage.

From Mike Dennison at MTN News:

“Heenan said every donation he’s received is “humbling and inspiring.”

“As we all come together to fight what is important to our families and our communities, the progress we continue to make at a grassroots level is attributable to the organizing skills and passion of the people eager to take back Montana from the special interests,” he said.”

Other Democratic candidates Kathleen Williams, Jared Pettinato, Grant Kier and Linda Moss posted respectable fundraising totals as well. Williams had about $49,000 cash on hand, Kier had around $300,000 and Moss had raised $46,000. Jared Pettinato reported $25,000 cash on hand at the end of the reporting period.

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