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Greg Gianforte’s Embarrassing Photo and Poll: Will He Win?

By now we’re all familiar with this photo and I hate to bring it up, but it is reality. This really happened. Greg Gianforte, a man who was running to represent Montanans assaulted a reporter on the eve of the special election.

Montanans are having a hard time living down this embarrassment and we would like to put it in the past. That’s why I remind you all of this, it is motivation. We all need to make sure that our statewide embarrassment is not re-elected in 2018. We must fight like hell to make sure our kids have a better future, that our most vulnerable have access to healthcare and that our reporters feel free to ask the tough questions.

We must all commit to making a better future for Montana. Defeating Greg Gianforte at the polls on 2018 is the first step.

Now a poll for your consideration.

Will Greg Gianforte be defeated in the 2018 Midterm Election?

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