Representative Jacob Bachmeier Endorsement of John Heenan

  1. I am elated to formally announce my support of John Heenan for U.S. Congress.  I have wholeheartedly supported John’s campaign from the day he first announced and continue to support his campaign after many other candidates have announced their bids for Congress.  However, I feel compelled to make my endorsement of John public, official, and unequivocal.

John has spent his life taking action, fighting for the underdog, and standing up for Montanans.  In his legal career John has effectively taken on both corrupt politicians and large corporations, in the process ensuring sound government and consumer protections.  John is also a small business owner, operating a restaurant on the West end of Billings.  Small business is a major life force in our communities, and I know John will continue to hold powerful corporations accountable while working to ensure the success of small businesses in Montana.

Representative Gianforte has consistently demonstrated that he does not truly represent the interests of Montana, but rather the interests of his own bank account.  While in office, Representative Gianforte has also failed the tests of leadership on public lands and the great outdoors, public education, and even cast unconscionable votes in favor of the NSA spying on U.S. citizens.    

Although I believe the other candidates in the Democratic primary are all wonderful people, and worthy competition, the choice is very clear to me.  Not only does John have the grassroots organization to unseat Representative Gianforte, but he also has the Montana work ethic and values.  John has out-traveled any other candidate in Montana, already racking up over 25,000 miles on his car, while listening to the stories of everyday Montanans and taking real stances on issues that matter to them.  

Throughout his campaign, John has been nothing but transparent.  Going into Congress, John will faithfully work to bring good paying jobs to Montana, invest in our public schools, fight for affordable healthcare, protect our public lands, and support the right to bear arms.  I strongly encourage everyone to research John’s platform.  He has taken a clear and strong stance on every issue from agriculture to veterans affairs and is prepared to back talk with action.  

In closing, John is a proud father, husband, small business owner, and champion of everyday Montanans.  While other candidates are focused on raising money from large donors over the phone, John is out meeting people across Montana.  His determination to run a grassroots campaign, and meet people across the state from every background and vocation, is what will not only win John this election but also enable him to bring Montana’s voice back to Montana’s sole congressional seat.

If you appreciate an independent voice holding Montana politicians accountable and informing voters, and you can throw a few dollars a month our way, we would certainly appreciate it.

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About the author

Jacob Bachmeier

Jacob currently serves as the youngest legislator in the country. When he filed to run for office he was still a senior in high school. In fact, he was so young that he had to have an 18 year old classmate sign on as the primary account holder on his campaign bank account. Jacob currently attends MSU-Northern as an Education Major, works as the Cash Office Manager for a local department store, and serves as the Chairperson of the Hill County Democratic Party. Jacob also serves on several local boards, including the Corporate Board for Northern Montana Hospital, the Executive Board for the National Alliance on Mental Illness-Havre, and the board for Havre Day Activity Center. In his free time, Jacob likes to backpack, hike, fish, ski, and skateboard.

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