Trump Forces out Deputy FBI Director, Refuses to Enforce Russian Sanctions

What Do Guilty People Do? They cover-up their crimes. During the Watergate investigations, a saying was created that journalists and politicians live and die by, “it’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up.”

Today we have a lawless president in Trump saying he wants to control “My Guys” at the impartial Department of Justice and the FBI. President Trump is openly obstructing justice, and flaunting it in our faces:

  • Trump Fires Comey
  • Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appoints Robert Mueller to run the special counsel on Russian Interference in our Elections
  • Trump wants to fire Mueller, but Trump’s lawyer says he will quit if he does
  • Trump forces FBI Director Wray to fire Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe
  • Trump is now pushing for the firing of Rod Rosenstein

These actions are what people do if they have committed a crime. Meuller’s investigation has already issued 4 indictments to former Trump campaign officials and cabinet members involved in the Russia election interference. More are to come unless Trump ends the investigation.

So, if Trump and his campaign are not guilty of colluding with the Russians, why is Trump refusing to enforce the sanctions levied on Russia by the U.S. Congress? Congress passed the sanctions by a vote of 517-5. In this day, we don’t see agreement like this on anything especially from the sycophant Republicans who enable Trump to flaunt the American justice system.

These sanctions were passed to punish and prevent Russia from interfering in our elections again. Even more legislation is needed to prevent this from happening, but these sanctions are all we got. But, Trump refuses to do what Congress passed and what the American people demand.

Why is that? If Trump did not collude with the Russians, why defend them when there is no need to? If Robert Mueller is even allowed to finish his investigation, it very well might not end with an indictment or even a criminal charge of Trump. Or it may. But, if the investigation is disbanded before its finished we will never know.

Trump says he is not Puppet of Putin, but his actions clearly show otherwise. Trump is willing to put the safety and security of American democracy and our nation’s laws at risk to serve his own self-interests. The damage is already done and no one in the Republican party is willing to stand up and defend America from this enemy both foreign and domestic.

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