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Matt Rosendale Montana Politics Senate Race 2018

Maryland Millionaire Matt Rosendale Doesn’t Believe in Pay Equity & Killed Montana Paycheck Fairness Act

Nine years ago this week, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was signed into law in an effort to help prevent pay discrimination and give workers more avenues to receive equal pay for equal work.

Working families in Montana, and across the country, benefit from wage transparency and equality in the workplace.

Yet wealthy real estate developer Matt Rosendale voted against even bringing to the floor a bill that would close the wage gap and prohibit employers from firing or disciplining employees who disclosed their salaries or benefits.

Al Olszewski also thwarted efforts to lessen the gender wage gap, voting against advancing an equal pay bill out of committee. The bill would have helped close pay disparity.

Not to be outdone, Russell Fagg said on the radio this weekend that he doesn’t think private businesses should be compelled to pay women the same as men for the same work.

It’s obvious these guys do not care about Montana women and families.

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