It’s Hard Not to Think Greg Gianforte Is Just Trolling Us Now

Montana congressman Greg Gianforte is attempting to put the thinking face emoji?at the top of your frequently used section today.

Democratic congressional candidate Grant Kier has challenged Gianforte to take a “Public Accountability Pledge.” The proposed pledge calls on candidates for Montana’s lone U.S. House seat to hold four public in-person town halls each year should they be elected in November.

It’s a modest proposal which Senator Jon Tester would probably refer to as “a weekend.”

This is a hilariously big request for Gianforte however. The incumbent congressman has a non-existent public events schedule and relies predominantly on “telephone town halls” where participants are pre-selected, questions are screened, and any hot-button issues or divergent opinions can be discarded by a staffer.
The funniest thing about all this though… As of 2 p.m. today, 20 hours after Kier’s proposal appeared in the Missoulian, Gianforte and his office have not responded to this simple question from the newspaper: how many town halls has Gianforte hosted?

“Gianforte did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the number of town halls he has conducted.”

That question doesn’t seem like a curveball. Ideally, an elected official should hold public events frequently enough that this isn’t even a question. But, in the event it is a question shouldn’t the congressman’s office be prepared to answer?

Well, buckle up Montana and prepare those thinking face emojis. Your Congressman, who can’t answer a question about how many public town halls he hosted, has some big news, as reported by the Guardian yesterday:

“The National Republican Congressional Committee has picked as the speaker for its next monthly communications workshop Greg Gianforte, the US congressman who violently attacked Guardian journalist Ben Jacobs and then tried to mislead the public and the police about it.

“Gianforte’s hour-long communications session in February is titled “Hire for culture, train for skill” and invitations show a picture of the grinning politician above a brief biography that waxes lyrical about his entrepreneurial wealth but makes no reference to his conviction for assault.”
Give me a second to Saran Wrap my computer screen to protect it from the coffee I’m about to spit out.

  • What communications skills is Gianforte expected to share with his colleagues in this seminar?
  • Will the seminar include a Q&A session?
  • Will Gianforte have a section on ‘ignoring simple questions from your district’s largest media outlets?
  • Is the phrase ‘misleading law enforcement’ banned during the seminar?
  • Can Gianforte promise to host an hour-long public town hall in Montana to match this presentation?

I think I speak for everyone when I say ?

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