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And we’re off, Heenan 1st to Produce Professional Video Ad to Beat Gianforte

John Heenan states in the new Video Ad his strong platform in support of:

  1. Medicare for All
  2. Protect our Public lands
  3. Get Dark Money out of politics

Democratic Congressional Candidate and Billings Consumer Advocate John Heenan has produced the first professional TV ad of the 2018 election cycle in Montana. Heenan comes out of the gate stating that Montanans deserve better than Rep. Greg Gianforte, Heenan is running on a strong platform of Medicare for All, Protecting Public Lands and Fighting the Dark Money that is destroying our free and fair elections.

Here is the video, it is short and surprising in its positivity as well as a sincere critique of our current political environment.

(This Video already has over 16,000 views on Facebook!)

John Heenan and the crowd in the video state, “We deserve so much better.” Exactly. Greg Gianforte shames Montana and we need someone who will take him on.

Good strong ad, in my experience it’s good to get these out to talk to voters in many ways. John Heenan’s campaign is doing just as they are already knocking doors and touting his key endorsements like Helena mayor Wilmot Collins, Butte Representative and 2014 Senate Candidate Amanda Curtis as well as James Connor of the Flathead Memo and Montana Veteran Josh Manning.

Should be a great election season with good candidates fighting for us.

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