Steve Daines Ignores Layoffs of American Workers, While He Gives Koch Brothers Billion Dollar Annual Tax Cut

In a series of statements that Montana’s Junior Senator Steve Daines has posted to Twitter over the past few days he has decided to ignore the tens of thousands of American workers who have been laid off since he decided to abandon Montanans and vote for his benefactors the Koch Brothers in passing the reprehensible tax scam bill that is nothing more than a giveaway to the wealthiest corporations and billionaires.

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The Koch Brothers are the pair of brothers who inherited their mega-billions from their father and have used that inherited wealth to shape American politics by running the much-maligned political organization Americans for Prosperity and advocating for the end of Medicare, Social Security, and the minimum wage.

The International Business Times reported that the Koch Brothers could receive over a billion-dollar tax cut each year under the tax scam bill. Which Steve Daines rejoices in!

It looks obvious that Steve Daines is happy to ignore the plight of American workers who have been laid off so he can pretend not to notice the billions he just gave some of his biggest campaign contributors.

From International Business Times:

A new analysis has found that political mega-donors Charles and David Koch and/or the business they operate could make between $1 billion and $1.4 billion more money each year, thanks to the tax breaks in legislation passed in December by Republican members of Congress. The twobrothers are currently worth a combined $104.4 billion. Nonpartisan tax experts concluded that the bill, which lowers income taxes, corporate taxes and offers numerous special-interest tax breaks, offers the majority of the gains to America’s wealthiest individuals. The top 1 percent of Americans will get 83 percent of the tax benefits in 2027.

According to the non-partisan Open Secrets Steve Daines has received over $40,000 from Koch Brothers Industries. They are his second largest campaign contributor. Goldman Sachs is high on the list as well.


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