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Tester Introduces Bill to Guarantee All Military Personnel Get Paid During Republican Government Shutdown

U.S. Senator Jon Tester has introduced a bill to guarantee that Montana servicemembers get their paychecks during a government shutdown.

Tester’s Pay Our Military Act would ensure that active military personnel, including reserves, get paid during lapses in government appropriations.

“Montana’s military men and women should never be political pawns in the dysfunction of Washington,” said Tester. “This bill will keep our promise to our servicemembers and their families regardless of the dysfunction in Congress.  We should never have to introduce legislation like this, that’s why I am working overtime to get a budget that works for Montana and our military.”

Tester’s legislation also makes sure that Gold Star families receive the assistance owed to them.

After Congress failed to pass a long-term budget, Tester supported efforts to bring his bill to the floor. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked passage of the bill.

Tester is calling on Congress to pass a budget that works for Montana.

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