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Shutdown Steve Daines and Gianforte Complicit in Republican Government Shutdown

Republican incompetence leads to the first-ever one-party government shutdown. In what can only be described as comically absurd levels of incompetence the Republican party has lost its ability to function at all. The circus performances of Sen. Daines and Rep. Gianforte about the shutdown aside, it would be hilarious to watch this if it were not so frighteningly ominous of what we can expect in the future.

This is what Republican use of power looks like, this is intentional sabotage of a functional democracy. Republicans passed the one bill they could in December to give away the farm to corporations and billionaires rather than pass a budget then. Republicans have no desire to govern this country and Republicans have no ability to govern this country.

Roads, bridges, and schools crumble as Republicans demand more and more giveaways to the wealthiest. The Republican majority Senate, Congress, and Presidency had a silver bullet in budget reconciliation where they can pass a budget through the Senate with 51 votes. The important point here is that it can occur only once a year.

screenshot via the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

The Republicans spent all 2017 trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act with reconciliation and when that didn’t work they used reconciliation to pass the tax scam bill that also strips 13 million Americans of health insurance. Instead of passing a budget, Republicans rammed through the tax scam bill without hearings or any use of regular order.

This is what Republican sabotage of a functional democracy looks like.

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