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(Guest Post) Kier Criticizes Fiscal Irresponsibility of Government Shutdown


Grant Kier, Democrat running for the US House, has issued a sharp statement criticizing Greg Gianforte, for supporting an irresponsible short-term funding bill that caused the federal government to shut down.

Despite being in the majority, Congressional Republicans were unable to pass a long-term funding bill that could have prevented a government shutdown.

“Working families and small business owners know it’s irresponsible to only plan a few weeks ahead,” Kier said. “Fiscal responsibility means budgeting for years, not for weeks. This is a lesson Greg Gianforte could learn from any working Montana family. ”

Republicans in Congress tried to use CHIP funding, which funds the health care of 24,000 Montana children, as a political bargaining chip, in an attempt to save face and keep the government open. Their short-term funding bill also lacked any funding for community health centers, which serve 1 in 10 Montanans.

“Congressional Republicans have had plenty of time to figure this out. We need our Congressman to stop playing games, and start doing his job.” Kier said. “Gianforte should have been able to set partisan politics aside to keep our government running. He has failed at the most basic part of his job and should be held accountable.”

The last government shutdown in 2013 cost American taxpayers $2 billion, and an additional $24 billion in economic output.

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