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John Heenan Endorsed by Helena Mayor Wilmot Collins and Brings on Big Name National Strategists in Race to Beat Gianforte

It’s being reported that Democratic Congressional Candidate John Heenan is taking his campaign to unseat Greg Gianforte up a notch as he has added a former presidential campaign manager and leading national pollster to his campaign team.

On the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday John Heenan was endorsed by the Mayor of Helena, Wilmot Collins, in a video statement posted to his campaign Facebook page:

John Heenan has also brought on Doug Jones campaign manager who led a Democratic candidate to victory in a red state against much-maligned and controversial opponent. Sound familiar?

Joe Trippi is fresh off managing Doug Jones victory in Alabama and excited to join the Heenan campaign. He told the Missoula Current:

“John Heenan stands up against bullies and is focused on replacing Greg Gianforte and serving all Montanans in the House of Representatives,” said Trippi. “We all need to rally behind John Heenan and make his challenge our own. I’m proud to be on board with John Heenan and look forward to this very important fight for the people of Montana.”

Celinda Lake is one of the most respected and important pollsters a campaign can secure to ensure victory against Greg Gianforte.

Lake described Heenan as a “different kind of Democrat.”

“Montana also has a strong strain of populism in its fiber, and Heenan is a true populist with the background to back it up,” said Lake. “As a consumer protection lawyer, Heenan has helped Montanans stand up against powerful banks, payday loan companies, insurance companies and wealthy corporations. As congressman, Heenan will bring that same fighting spirit to Washington, D.C.”

The Missoula Current first reported that:

John Heenan’s campaign for Congress said Monday it has landed the support of several key strategists as it looks to emerge from a wide field of Democrats vying for the chance to challenge freshman Rep. Greg Gianforte in this year’s election.

This is exciting to see a congressional campaign that is doing everything possible to beat Greg Gianforte. John Heenan has a personal investment in the race as he has put his career on hold and is committed to doing the smart and important work that it will take to defeat a candidate like Greg Gianforte who drew President Trump’s son to the state for his special election victory and has garnered national attention for his election-eve assault of a reporter.

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