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The S***Hole President

“We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“I saw the word “shithole” on a daytime, mainstream news broadcast banner today. And I heard a news anchor say it, un-bleeped. These are things that used to be something the FCC fined people for. But it’s OK now, because they’re just quoting the President.

Dwell on that for a while… the idea that people are going to use the fact that Trump has said or done something as permission to say it and do it themselves.

It’s no surprise– we saw a huge uptick in racism, a huge uptick in slurs against Black, Hispanic, Muslim, Asian, and Jewish Americans in the year he’s been in office.

This normalization of such a low standard of personal conduct, it permeates quickly. It’s not the swearing that worries me– it’s the willful ignorance and eager degradation of people and places that he knows nothing about. He’s setting an example. And his base? They’ll follow it.” Posted with permission from CJ Cummings a lifelong resident of Kalispell, Montana

I saw this post from my friend CJ on Facebook on Friday and thought it was worth sharing. I also watched the President Obama and David Letterman interview on Netflix on Friday night and the President echoed this sentiment. He said that the biggest changes a President makes are not policy or regulatory, but by the tone he sets for the country, the principles he stands for, setting the norms that guide us. Our culture is taking a beating with Trump.


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