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Rep. Gianforte Votes to Renew NSA Spying on Americans, Rejects Efforts to Curtail Government Surveillance

Somehow Greg Gianforte is a bigger disappointment every day. You’d think he could reach an apex of embarrassing Montana on the national stage with his literal assault on the free press, but he’s an entrepreneur, he’s going to find new and innovative ways to embarrass us each and every day until we replace him with a stable, rational, calm, and thoughtful leader.

Yesterday I brought attention to the fact that Rep. Gianforte had a chance to actually represent the will of Montana voters and help curtail the invasive government surveillance that is a remnant of the George W. Bush’s post 9/11 frenzy of Fourth Amendment infringements.

Well, Rep. Gianforte decided to vote for unchecked government surveillance of Montanans today, taking orders from the top rather than listening to Montanans on this crucial issue. Montanans reject the notion that ‘big brother’ should be looking over our shoulder without a warrant. That’s not the Montana way and that’s not the American way, Greg Gianforte is out of touch with Montana values and Montana voters.

Montanans were disappointed to see that Congressman Gianforte would vote to spy on Montanans and reject the bipartisan attempts to curtail invasive government surveillance.

Greg Gianforte has taken Montana to levels of embarrassment that even Alabamans were able to cast off. They did not elect their statewide embarrassment in Roy Moore, they saw the light, it’s time for Montanans to come to Jesus on Greg Gianforte. He must go.

Rep. Gianforte has managed to make some of the most embarrassing lists in the last few weeks:

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The Point’s worst candidate of 2017

Gianforte stands in opposition to the USA RIGHTS Act which would reform Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to protect Montanans from having their information unknowingly collected by the government.

·         Ends the practice of warrantless searches of data collected under FISA Section 702.

·         Prevents warrantless reverse targeting of Americans who are communicating with foreign targets.

·         Permanently bans the government from collecting information from Americans who discuss a foreign target.

·         Strengthens oversight of FISA Court.

·         Improves transparency by allowing for the release of data and FISA Court opinions necessary for the public’s understanding of surveillance programs.

·         Enhances legal standing for Americans to challenge the constitutionality of surveillance conducted by the government under FISA Section 702 authority.

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