Roy Moore-Trump-Gianforte-Bannon-Rosendale: What has become of the Modern Republican Party?

It has to be interesting living as a Republican in 2018. I feel bad for them. I really do, I feel bad for real Republicans, people with values, Montana values of hard work, decency and honesty. I’d like to reach out to those folks who represent the real Grand Old Party, not this modern Republican party.

This new Confederacy loving Bannon/Trump party is the spawn of years of misdirected hatred and anger and is no party of Lincoln as the real Grand Old Party used to be.

What other heroes do Republicans have than Lincoln? War hero Dwight Eisenhower was a great Republican President and he had the highest tax rate in American history at 90%, for the ultra rich. This tax rate paid for the costs of World War II and the Korean War and his 1950’s administration is the ‘Leave it to Beaver’ good old days that modern Republicans are trying to bring back, the golden age that Trump is supposedly making great again.

Meanwhile modern Republicans are giving the farm away to the ultra-rich with sweetheart tax breaks and they’re paying for it with your Social Security and Medicare. This is beyond reprehensible to attack America’s seniors and try to destroy the social safety net for our most vulnerable citizens.

Don’t even get me started on the Roy Moore’s or Steve Bannon’s or Montana’s version of the two, Matt Rosendale.

Image: New York Magazine

The last true hero of modern Republicans was Ronald Reagan.

Reagan issued amnesty to upwards of 3 million undocumented immigrants and workers, yet again, the exact opposite platform of the current head of the Grand Old Republican Party, Donald Trump.

That Reagan amnesty fact has been checked by political fact-checker PolitiFact: Yep. Reagan did the A-word.

Reagan was also a President who stood up to a Russian dictatorship that was a menace to the world, but yet again this modern Republican party loves Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, the modern day iteration of Stalin with his authoritarian purges of enemies whether that be the free press or the LGBT community or Russian citizens with AIDS.

Putin is a danger to global democracy, yet the current occupant of the White House, one Donald John Trump, holds secret meetings and calls with Putin and most likely used tools of the Russian surveillance state to affect the outcome of last year’s presidential race.

Then you have Greg Gianforte, we all know about Greg Gianforte and his “assault” on the free press and his investments in Russian Companies that are under U.S sanctions.

Where is the Grand Old Party? It’s not the confederates holding rallies all over America last year, it’s not the white supremacists Steve Bannon and Richard Spencer spreading hatred and division as a means of political ascension and it’s not the amoral purveyors of Fox news tripe, Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, it’s not Steve Bannon’s Breitbart news, and it’s most certainly not Putin.
And it’s not the Russia loving man who’s supposed to be representing the best interests of the American people, Donald John Trump.
Where have all the real Republicans gone?
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