Where will Ryan Zinke’s Machiavellian Lust for Power Strike Next?

Ryan Zinke wants to keep moving up the political ladder by any and every means possible. He wants to rid the Department of Interior of career federal employees who are not blindly loyal to him and Trump and create a cult of personality around himself. A good example of the loyalty demanded would be forcing your employees to raise a special flag for you when you enter a building.

So, what does this mean for you and me, the peons who get to watch Zinke’s ascendancy, pay for his salary and his wastefulness? Many have speculated Secretary Zinke may run for Governor in 2020. Zinke would most assuredly then sell off Montana’s public lands to corporations and wealthy elites to fix budget holes Montana Republicans continue to make by giving tax breaks to the wealthy. Yikes.

But, the more frightening rumor I have heard, is that some people think Secretary Zinke sees himself as a possible successor to Trump.

Yes, you read that right. Ryan Zinke thinks he has the skillset to be President. 

Of the United States of America.

Zinke sees himself as the heir apparent to the toxic radical conservatism that the Koch Brothers, Steve Bannon, and Trump have forced on America with their dark money campaigns and voter suppression. It has already been rumored that Trump may not run for reelection and that Steve Bannon might run for President in 2020. Zinke is said to be his would be Vice-President. His wife, Lola, has been pictured with Steve Bannon. Tweeting out this image stating her admiration for the former aide to President Trump:

Lady MacBeth Lola is the Puppetmaster

What the future holds for Montana and America no one can be sure of, but what we can be sure of is that Ryan Zinke seems intent on climbing the political ladder in his narcissistic ascent to power at any cost. Working with a man like Steve Bannon who has no scruples shows that Zinke does not share our Montana values.

What’s next?

We can all appreciate Mr. Zinke’s service to this country while serving as a Navy Seal. He served our country and barely ripped off hardworking taxpayers for his own personal travel expenses. But he is not a Seal anymore. As much as Zinke likes to believe he is still a member of the “Trident,” he is a civilian and no longer just following captain’s orders. He is promoting himself, his wife, and his career. He is no longer in the service, but he believes he should be served by you.

As a nation, we honor our veterans for the sacrifices they and their families have made, but we also honor them because they swore to forever defend and protect this country from all enemies, foreign and domestic, at all costs. Veterans never stop believing this and Mr. Zinke should remember that an enemy of the state also includes your own blind ambition that will ultimately sell out the American people and our values.

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