Troy Downing Runs on the Zinke Plan: Live in California, Disregard the Law, Say Crazy Stuff Loudly

Lola Zinke must be the mastermind behind Ryan Zinke’s political career as she is using the same playbook to run Troy Downing’s campaign.

If you’re not familiar, Troy Downing is the tourist who is running for the U.S. Senate in the Republican primary against Rosendale, Fagg, Olszewski, Dean, Murray and Mr. Burns. Lola Zinke is Downing’s campaign chair and is using her vast twitter skills to tell us everything we need to know about ol’ Troy.

Troy Downing has had his campaign roll-out with Lola in a way that only a Ryan Zinke could love.

First, it was made public that he has been charged with illegally procuring Montana hunting licenses for years when he was not a Montana resident.

The response to this was classic, Troy, on Lola’s advice I’m sure, responds that a conspiracy exists against him by, get this, the Fish, Wildlife and Parks “Deep State.” You know those folks who keep campgrounds well managed and make sure our lakes are stocked with fish and all that. Those folks had time to put down their water temperature measurements and analysis of the chronic wasting disease that is about to destroy our mule deer population to conspire against some Californian running for a Montana office. Right.

Now, it was found out that he claims his primary home is in California and claims the tax break for that as the Bozeman Daily Chronicle reported in this wonderful investigative journalism. Troy Downing has the gall to claim a primary home tax break in California, while being charged with trying to illegally purchase Montana hunting licenses, while not a resident and wants to be Montana’s senator.

I’m guessing Montanans may have something to say about this.

This is very reminiscent of Ryan Zinke’s own career because his status as a current Montana resident is in question and for good reasons.

Ryan has also been known to say the quiet things out loud and the important things quietly like when he was supposedly against the Republican National Convention platform of the transfer and seizure of public lands, yet gave a speech at the RNC last year?

Lola Zinke seems to be the master tactician behind all this, I’m not sure we should congratulate her though, the indictments are coming in pretty fast these days with the Trump administration and the Secretary Zinke run Department of the Interior is scandal-plagued and Lola’s actions have been questioned too.


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