NPR Laughs at Silly Secretary Zinke for his Doofus Cowpoke Routine

I was listening to NPR this weekend and I heard mention of Secretary Ryan Zinke, my ears perked up as I could only imagine what silliness he was doing now to waste our tax dollars or embarrass Montana. The show was ‘Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me’ on National Public Radio a quiz-variety-news show that is broadcast nationwide. The clip began with a question about Outside Magazine being “blocked” from reporting on Zinke because they reported on Zinke’s clown-like inability to properly work a fishing pole. They stated:

This week I’m laughing at Ryan Zinke for not knowing how to rig a reel or for Roy Moore for not knowing how to ride a gaited horse.

That pretty much sums up the modern Republican party, you have Roy Moore prancing around on his horse with his toy pistol and silly Secretary Zinke playing at his cowboy act either when he can’t fish or prancing around Washington D.C. on his pony.

Secretary Zinke did manage to waste thousands of taxpayer dollars on horses and helicopters while he goofs around and plays at being a cowpoke.

You can listen to the segment on Wait Wait…Don’t Tell me here. the Zinke piece starts at 3:15

Here’s the transcript.

PESCA: OK, panel, some more questions for you from the week’s news. Tom, this week Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke banned a reporter for his weekly conference call after the reporter claimed in a story that Zinke was what?

BODETT: Oh, god. He was a imbecile?

PESCA: Well, a – in a specific – I’ll give you a hint. The guy doesn’t know a nightcrawler from a spinner bait.

BODETT: Oh, he’s a bad fisherman.

PESCA: He’s a bad fisherman, correct.


PESCA: Outside magazine – which, when you think about it, really should not be covering the secretary of the Interior – sent a reporter to go fly fishing with Zinke. The reporter noted that Zinke rigged his reel backwords, couldn’t cast his line and – when he finally caught a bigmouth bass – was surprised it didn’t sing a hilarious rendition of “Take Me To The River.”


FARSAD: I mean, right now – it’s such a – we have such a low bar. I’m just glad he’s not, like, setting fire to fish.


FARSAD: You know what I mean? Like, this guy sounds great.

PESCA: Simply not catching and killing fish – we’ll take it.


PESCA: It is funny. This is one of those stories – I mean, this week I’m laughing at Ryan Zinke for not knowing how to rig a reel or for Roy Moore for not knowing how to ride a gaited horse. I have no idea what these things are.


PESCA: But I’m going to laugh at them.

FARSAD: Oh, you’re so alone. We, like, literally all know how to ride a gaited horse.


FARSAD: It’s embarrassing for you.

ROCCA: How do you think we got here?


ROCCA: I’m not just wearing chaps because they’re comfortable.


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