Ady Barkan and Daines Killer Tax Bill

I received an email from several amazing advocacy groups and they were all the same, if you haven’t had a chance you should read the letter written by activist Ady Barkan. Ady has ALS and is concerned the GOP tax bill, that Steve Daines loves, could cause his last days on earth to be filled with pain and misery as it cuts essential programs and services.  Letter below:

Monday is my 34th birthday.

I probably won’t have many more.

A year ago, I was healthy. That is, until I was diagnosed with ALS—also called Lou Gehrig’s disease. It’s a rapidly-progressing, deadly ailment, with no cure.

Today, I walk with a cane, I have trouble breathing, and I don’t even have the strength to lift my 18-month-old son into my lap.

Some days, I feel like giving up. But I haven’t given up.

Instead, I’ve been crisscrossing the country fighting the Republican tax bill—and fighting for my life.

The Republican tax bill would mean serious cuts to disability funding that I will need before too long to pay for a ventilator and other crucial medical care. What will Republicans in Congress say to my son if I can’t get one?

My birthday is on Monday, and I have just one wish. I want us to make it into a massive day of action to kill the Republican tax scam.

On Monday—my birthday—can you drop by your senator’s or representative’s local office and deliver a photo of your family, with a note about how the GOP tax scam would affect you?

Last week, I flew from my home in California to Washington, D.C. to get arrested protesting the Republican tax bill. On my flight back home, I met Senator Jeff Flake and had a discussion with him at 30,000 feet. I asked him to be a hero and kill the tax bill. The video of our conversation went viral on Twitter and made the national news. This week, I came to Washington, D.C., again, meeting with Senator Flake and Senator Susan Collins—two of the bill’s key swing votes. Because so much is on the line for me, they couldn’t turn away—they had to actually sit and listen.

Some days, every breath is a challenge for me. But what choice do I have? I keep fighting. And I hope that you’ll keep fighting with me.

Please drop by your senator’s or representative’s local office this Monday and deliver a photo of your family, with a note about how the GOP tax scam would affect you. Click here to get started.

The disease I suffer from will kill me. There’s nothing that Congress can do to stop that. But the Republican tax bill will make my final days worse. It will peel away medical support just when I need it most, and pull money away from research into serious diseases. All to give the richest people who ever lived another massive tax cut. It’s a disgrace.

I hope that you’ll stand with me—it means a lot.


P.S. Congress released the new version of this atrocious bill just yesterday—yet they plan to begin voting on this bill as soon as Monday. But there are Republicans in both the House and Senate who are wavering, and this is a critical moment to ask them to be heroes and say no to this bill. Click here to let me know that you’ll stop by your nearest congressional office on Monday.

P.P.S. The video of me speaking to Sen. Flake went viral and has been viewed millions of times. You can see me here talking about it with Chris Hayes about it on MSNBC.

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