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Sen. Daines Not Listening to Montanans: Inaction on CHIP, Destroying Net Neutrality and Not Seating Doug Jones

The title barely starts to cover the policies that Steve Daines ignores or silently supports while aiding and abetting the dishonorable and immoral actions of Mitch McConnell and DC lobbyists.

While Senator Daines spent another week hiding from and ignoring his Montana constituents Daines did accomplish one thing. He planned to gut Montana public lands, joining in on the party with Zinke and Gianforte to strip a half million acres of Montana wilderness of it’s protected status.

That would be quite a week for the do-nothing rubber stamp Senator, but he also added in some seriously cowardly comments about his past support of Roy Moore, as Don posted about.

While Daines was busy shirking his duties to Montana he must have been tired from all the dishonorable work he is silently doing for Mitch McConnell who has stated he is not seating Doug Jones as a United States Senator. This flies directly in the face of statements McConnell made in 2010 in a similar situation after a special election.

Senator Daines must stand up for morality and democracy and demand Doug Jones be seated immediately.


Playing politics with the integrity of the United States Senate is what Mitch McConnell’s career is built on and Senator Daines should roundly reject these attempts to undermine the honorable obligations of his office.

Dishonor is not new for Daines though, he has voted to strip the filibuster rule this year, an age-old Senate tradition, to confirm Justice Neil Gorsuch for his special interest pals, while the year prior he demanded that President Obama not seat a Supreme Court nominee while he was still President. Hypocritical much?

These flagrant violations of the rule of law show us who Steve Daines really is as a United States Senator and who serves: Corporations, special interests and wealthy donors.

Steve Daines interests do not lie with Montanans. Montanans want him to support the Children’s Health Insurance Plan and support net neutrality.

Daines stance on net neutrality is so out of line with Montanans interests you know he just printed the press release he was handed by a Verizone or Comcast executive.

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn stated in her dissenting opinion on the removal of net neutrality:

“The FCC is handing the keys to the internet to a handful of multi-billion corporations.”

Daines calls everyone he doesn’t like an obstructionist or environmentalist and every action he supports somehow is getting rid of regulations that burden…some corporation. This is not only boring and lazy, it is dangerous to speak in generalities about the functions of citizens and government.

The government has an important role to play as a guardian of Montanans access to the internet, forest management policies, children’s health insurance and protecting our public lands from those who would seek to destroy these pristine places.

Senator Daines needs to put down his DC insider talking points and come home to Montana to listen to Montanans for a minute.

We deserve it and demand it from our elected officials.

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