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Fagg panders

It has been five years to the day since Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 kids and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Senate candidate and former judge, Republican Russ Fagg, is memorializing the event by calling for looser concealed weapon laws.

In a letter to the editor today “Judge” Fagg interprets our founding fathers:

There’s nothing about “shall not be infringed” that is unclear. Self defense and the right to bear arms is a right our founders recognized in the Bill of Rights. This right extends to individuals whether they are in their home, in public or in another state.

So that bump stock and 60-round magazine I’ve been eyeing is protected by the Second Amendment? Excellent.

I’m also thrilled to see that the GOP’s states’ rights agenda is being thrown under the bus. And that’s not to mention my excitement with the NRA’s push to loosen gun laws on the heels of the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history: 58 people dead in Las Vegas.

More guns in more places more often, please.

In an ironic twist, the concealed gun legislation being considered by Congress passed the U.S. House today, tied to a bill that would improve that national background-check system. The Washington Post explains:

The bill would treat concealed-carry permits like driver’s licenses, allowing them to be applicable nationwide. A person with a concealed-carry permit and a photo identification would be able to have a concealed weapon in any state that allows them, regardless of a state’s permitting restrictions.

But the fate of the bill remains uncertain. It was linked this week with legislation to improve the national background-check system for gun purchases, a measure that has rare bipartisan consensus. House Democrats accused Republicans of “trickery” and “sabotage” in tying the two bills together.

Fagg wants to keep up with far-right candidates Matt Rosendale and Troy Downing. What better way than to stoke the flames of gun control, one of Montana’s hottest buttons.

The responsible gun owners I know — hunters, target shooters and home safety folks — and I know a lot of them, have no problem with expanded background checks or other reasonable gun legislation. None of them, as far as I know, have concealed carry permits or feel the need to pack heat into other states.

The argument advanced by concealed-carry gun zealots is if more people are packing, Sandy Hook, Orlando, Las Vegas, etc., wouldn’t happen — or at least not as much carnage would ensue. Wrong.

not one of 62 mass shootings in the United States over the last 30 years has been stopped this way. More broadly, attempts by armed civilians to intervene in shooting rampages are rare—and are successful even more rarely. (Two people who tried it in recent years were gravely wounded or killed.) And law enforcement overwhelmingly hates the idea of armed citizens getting involved.

Keep kissing the NRA’s derriere, Fagg. You’re in good company with the rest of your spineless party.






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Pete Talbot

'Papa’ Pete Talbot is first and foremost a grandfather to five wonderful grandchildren. Like many Montanans, he has held numerous jobs over the years: film and video producer, a partner in a marketing and advertising firm, a builder and a property manager. He’s served on local and statewide Democratic Party boards. Pete has also been blogging at various sites for over a decade. Ping-pong and skiing are his favorite diversions. He enjoys bourbon.

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