A war is being waged and most of us are losing

There is a war being waged and middle class families are losing. The wealthiest 1% have spent decades investing in politicians, think tanks, and special interest groups and that investment is now paying huge dividends. We appear to be entering a second Gilded Age brought to us by shady characters like the Koch brothers.

“There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning,” says Warren Buffet. He’s right and there is no greater example of the weapons being used by the financially powerful than the tax bill making its way through Congress.

Only 29% of Americans support the tax bill. The overwhelming opposition to this reckless legislation is easy to understand. The tax bill represents another massive transfer of wealth from working families to the wealthiest 1%, including cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, and education. The tax bill also includes tax increases for many middle-class families and, since the bill isn’t paid for, will likely result in even more budget cuts that will hurt working people in the future.

Economic inequality is, without question, the greatest dilemma facing the United States of America. There is no social justice, environmental justice, or civil liberty without economic justice. Now, more than ever, the middle class and working poor need to stand together and say, in one voice, that we will no longer be pillaged for the benefit of those whose only skill set is accumulating more wealth.

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