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Rob Quist, Pat Noonan, and? – Who’s in, Who’s out in Congressional Primary


The rumor mill has been going a mile a minute about the congressional primary and the candidates coming and going is hard to keep track of. The newest rumor on everyone’s lips is that Rob Quist might be jumping into the race.

This would be a very interesting addition and would really shake up the race. Rob Quist was a unique candidate who did his best to fight back for all Montanans and try to beat all of the out of state money that Greg Gianforte brought to the race.

I have heard arguments of why Quist should or shouldn’t get in and all I really have to say to all that is Quist is not running. I have heard from a reliable source that he will be working on other projects and continuing the fight for working Montanans with his voice, heart and passion.

Rob Quist is out. 

The mentions of Butte’s own Pat Noonan were coming in quickly a few weeks ago and I still regularly hear people asking for Pat Noonan to run.

I think Pat would bring a lot to the race. A devotion to the working people of Montana, a passion for helping children, families and the disabled and the rare skill of actually knowing how to work with people from the other party and get legislation passed. This has been an overlooked trait of late and would be a welcome addition in Helena or Washington D.C.

Pat will probably not run though, he is settled into his hometown of Butte, his daughters are young and he enjoys spending time with family and friends in his community. Campaigns are a huge sacrifice and he just ran a race like Rob Quist. Back to back races wear people out. It is best to take a break every once in a while.

Pat Noonan is Probably out. 

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