Daines Hurts Montana Seniors, Families, Students, Workers, and Economy with GOP Tax Hike Scam


Senator Steve Daines has deeply hurt Montana with his vote to weaken our economy and destroy jobs. Daines voted for the GOP tax hike scam that will change American life in terrible ways by cutting services, killing American manufacturing, weakening our economy and undermining our future.

In the Republican controlled Senate Steve Daines is making things worse, this bill hurts working people and shows a lack of leadership from Daines as he caved to pressure from senior Republican officials after initially saying he would not vote for the bill. Daines need to quit misleading Montanans and tell the truth about the horrible consequences of the Republican Tax Hike Scam.

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  • Anyone who has looked at the provisions of the two bills and is capable of doing fifth grade math can easily discover that Daines’ claims do not fact check. And, the consequences to seniors and our nation’s underclass are heartless.

    I will give the R’s credit for one thing. They are effectively memorialized a fundamental American value: GREED IS GOOD!

  • dipshit Daines phoney show of no vote on the tax bill was nothing but another false front . just like his waffling hold on the health care repeal. Sick of his i’m so proud to represent MT and its an honor to serve as your senator. His recent twitter reply he sent off to Tester complaining about Testers ‘What a sham of tax bill’ video that was posted, had to be taken down after it was inundated with sharp criticism of Daines. of all people to tweet to Tester to quite all the show and just vote for the tax bill. ol shutdown Steve did not even read the crappy bill in the first place he was so eager to sign and screw the middle class and then wants to remind us that he has our backs. Puke!

  • The worst of Daines’ lies was that he would refuse to vote for the bill unless it was changed to provide more benefit to small, main-street businesses. He has never been anything other than a rubber stamp for McConnell’s control, and his vote was a certainty all along. The changes made to the bill benefited only large corporations, and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for small Montana businesses.

    I find it particularly nauseating that he self-righteously proclaims his “christianity” while incessantly violating every teaching of that faith. That takes lying and hypocrisy to the level of blasphemy.

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