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Ed Buttrey to Take Job at Zinke’s Interior Dept. Instead of Primarying Gianforte


It’s rather surprising that no Republican has announced a primary challenge to Greg Gianforte. He won’t talk to the press, he won’t talk to his constituents and he is a pariah amongst DC and Montana Republicans for his assault conviction and misleading the police.

One contender that was expected to emerge was Great Falls State Senator Greg Buttrey who challenged Gianforte in the special election primary earlier this year. Though Buttrey has been largely missing from the discussion and has only emerged once to attend a fundraiser held by Lola Zinke for a Senate candidate.

Secretary Zinke and Buttrey of Great Falls are embroiled in their own scandal over Zinke’s sweetheart sale of an RV to Buttrey’s congressional campaign that was sold far below market value. This comes while Ed Buttrey is angling to become the assistant to the Secretary of the Interior himself.

It seems that Buttrey’s aspirations for higher office and challenging Gianforte have been tamped down by Secretary Zinke’s offer of a cushy job at the Department of the Interior and a below market value RV.

Did ZINKE buy off Buttrey so he wouldn’t primary Gianforte? If so, we know Ed Buttrey’s price and know that the Gianforte primary wad nixed by ZINKE Buy-off.

What do you think, who should primary Gianforte?

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  • I just hope the Democrats can run a qualified and competent candidate this time around. 10,000 women show up for the Womens March and the Democrats had a legitimate, politically savvy, highly qualified woman candidate to run last time but instead, run an unqualified, unworthy alternative candidate.

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