Zinke Complicit as Trump Plans to Shrink Bears Ears National Monument by 85%, Grand Staircase by 50%, Destroy Public Lands


Lawsuits are already being planned, the constitutionality is being questioned and Ryan Zinke is silent as President Trump looks to completely gut Bears Ear National Monument and the Grand Staircase.

What did you really expect from the Zinke though, he is the official Flip-Flopper-in-Chief. He has always been one to talk out of both sides of his mouth about his support for any issue while he voted against it in Congress. Nothing has changed since he became Secretary of the Interior for this deeply corrupt administration.

We have all known for a very long time that “Ryan’s moral failings”, as his Navy Commander called them,  would be the downfall of Secretary Zinke. We are all just waiting for the investigations and travel violations to catch up to him at the Department of the Interior as they did at the Department of Defense.

Secretary Zinke’s moral failings can no longer be allowed in our government.

For all intents and purposes Bears Ears will be a shadow of its former self and this blatant intrusion on Native American heritage and our public lands will not be allowed.

Secretary Zinke needs to take a long look in the mirror and ask himself if he stands with gutting our public lands or if he will repent from his ways as newly minted Washington insider and come back to his Montana roots of hunting, fishing, hiking and camping in our public lands.

Otherwise, Ryan Zinke cannot come home again as Montanans will NEVER forget his transgressions in the swamp.

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  • Slinky the barking Seal is almost as bad as dipshit Daines who announces he wont back the Paradise Valley mining ban proposal unless he gets to strip the protection from 500,000 acres of WSA (Wilderness Study Areas) public lands in the state. That POS stands there and continuously says he against opening up MT public lands and yet he pulls this backdoor crap every time ; nothing but a back pocket kisser and beholden to his rich ,corporate donors .

  • In my opinion, various “sportsmen’s” groups (including some Montana-based ones) who supported Trump and Ryan Zinke and/or provided cover for Trump and Zinke’s clear anti-public lands, anti-wildlife and anti-environmental agenda are also complicit.

      • Yeppers. I think money (many of these “sportsmen’s” groups get $$$ from Donald Trump Jr) and some perceived access to political power within the Trump/Zinke Interior Department corrupted them.

  • As a former Jefferson County Commissioner, I can say Robertson has long been well-known for flouting the law, the property boundaries of his neighbors and the right of the public to access public lands.

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