Daines/Gianforte Tax Hike Scam: They’re coming for Montana Senior’s Social Security and Medicare Next


The tax hike scam that Steve Daines plans on voting for and that Greg Gianforte already voted for is a gut-buster for the deficit. It will explode all the work that was done to lower the deficit the last 8 years and actually will add $1.4 trillion to deficit.

Steve Daines and Greg Gianforte are adding 1.4 Trillion Dollars to the deficit

That isn’t even the worst part. To cover the fuzzy math of this tax cut for the rich and tax hike scam for middle-class Americans the money must be found to pay these Senator’s salaries somewhere.

Marco Rubio let the dirty secret slip today and stated where the Republican party planned to get the money to fill that deficit, he stated:

“Tax reform is the economic component of this equation. You are still going to have a debt problem in the absence of spending cuts. That will mean instituting structural changes to Social Security and Medicare for the future.”

This is insanity that they would target seniors who rely on these benefits that they worked hard for and paid into their whole lives. This is the modern Republican party and Steve Daines needs to explain why his ultra-wealthy donors need tax cuts that are paid for on the backs of working Montanans and Senior Citizens.

Montana seniors rely on Medicare to pay for their prescription drugs and Social Security to keep the heat on in the long cold Montana winter. It looks like Steve Daines and Greg Gianforte have forgotten what Montana winters are like back in D.C. with the fat cat Washington insiders like Paul Ryan.

Also, The Hill just reported that according to the AARP 5.2 million senior citizens could see a tax increase by the Republican tax hike scam. The AARP report continues:

By 2027 5.2 million seniors would get a tax hike “as a result of sunsetting the middle-class tax cuts.”

Another issue of concern for older Americans, the AARP says, is the automatic cuts to Medicare and other services under the GOP plan.

“The bottom line is that even today’s 65+ as well as those who turn 65 by 2027 who benefit initially may end up paying higher and ever increasing taxes soon thereafter,” the authors write.

“Further, as the result of growing deficits, they may receive reduced value from Medicare or other programs that are central to older Americans’ wellbeing.”

We can’t forget how this tax hike scam bill with gut the Affordable Care Act as well and kick millions of Americans off of their health coverage. As was stated in the Washington Post:

The GOP is trading 13 million people’s health care for corporate tax cuts

It looks like for the foreseeable future that “Campaigns in the coming years characterizing Republicans as the party that gutted health care and cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations.”

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