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Candidates Respond as Records Confirm Gianforte Lied to Police about Assault


To say that Montanans are unhappy that Greg Gianforte is in Congress is barely a start. How about embarrassed, forlorn, motivated, frightened, and ready for change would be good additions.

Luckily, we have a strong field of candidates to pick from to get some real representation for Montana.

Kathleen Williams, Tom Woods, Lynda Moss, Grant Kier, Jared Pettinato, and John Heenan make a strong field of folks to bring Montanan’s voices to DC and stand up for what’s right. Montanans demand something more than a rubber stamp for Trump.

Montanans also demand that our representatives not lie to our faces to get elected.

Whitney Bermes reported on FridayDocuments show Gianforte misled investigators after assault of reporter

Misled is a nice way for that headline to say that Gianforte lied.

He lied when he released this statement the night before the election after he assaulted reporter Ben Jacobs.

He lied to the police as Gallatin County Attorney Marty Lambert stated:

“It is not a crime per se to lie to the cops,” added Lambert, a Republican. “The main thing here is he was charged with assaulting Ben Jacobs and pled guilty to that.”

Whitney Bermes of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle has covered the Gianforte assault story from the start and has done an excellent job continually cutting through the politics and digging deep to make sure citizens are aware of the facts.

As Don wrote: Gianforte Lies About His Lie About His Lie On His Assault of Ben Jacobs

I can’t say it any better than the candidates looking to represent Montana in 2019, here’s what they have to say:

Kathleen Williams:

“Greg Gianforte’s actions, both the assault and the misstatements to police, represent what is wrong with Washington. Montanans deserve honesty, integrity, and civility. That’s why I’m running to replace him and focus on solving problems rather than creating them.”

From her website, among Kathleen’s top issues is


“We have seen countless attempts by politicians in Washington to transfer Montana’s public lands to the states or sell them off, but Montanans know how important it is to protect public access to public lands, ensuring recreation opportunities for generations to come. Kathleen – a hunter, angler, hiker, and skier – counts herself among the 81% of Montanans who regularly enjoy the great outdoors.

The outdoor industry in Montana generates $7.1 billion annually, creates 71,000 jobs, and provides $286 in state and local taxes. But our landscapes’ importance can’t just be reduced to the numbers; the intangibles of the mountain vistas, sweeping grasslands, and dramatic river valleys are what have drawn so many of us to call Big Sky Country home. Protecting Montana’s public lands is an issue which transcends party politics.”

Jared Pettinato:

From Jared Pettinato’s website issues page:

The Wind and the Trees

“Montana can export more wind energy and trees to grow the economy and to expand freedom. It can make money out of thin air and use the money growing on trees to manage the forest. Developing these resources will advance energy independence with more clean power and decrease high-severity wildfires while preserving wildlife habitat and forests from wildfires’ devastating effects. Montanans live close to the land, and my experience with Montanan natural resource issues helps me see the best policy solution for moving Montana forward.”

John Heenan:

“New records made public late on Friday night show how Greg Gianforte lied to the police about his assault of Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs. Gianforte claimed Jacobs got physical first, and that the “liberal media … is trying to make a story.”

But he didn’t know there would be a tape. And that tape contradicts every lie he told.

This is yet another disappointing revelation from Mr. Gianforte. But I’m not running for Congress just to be ‘the guy who doesn’t punch reporters.’ I’m not merely running to oppose Greg Gianforte. I’m running for much more important reasons.

We need to get big money out of our politics, so that billionaires can’t buy elections. We need to take bold action to address climate change, so our children and grandchildren don’t have to suffer needlessly. And we need to turn this economy around so that it works for ALL of us, not just the bankers and CEOs of the top 1%.”

Tom Woods:

From Tom Woods website:

Investing in Indian Country

“Native families in Indian Country face a number of challenges, including sub-standard housing conditions, high unemployment, and a chronically underfunded Indian Health Service. We must do better. Tom will lead the fight to ensure these communities receive their fair share of federal dollars.”

It looks like we will have lots of great options next November to fix the “Gianforte Problem.”

A great follow-up article on how Gianforte won the special election here: How slamming campaign finance laws helped Greg Gianforte get elected

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