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Montanans Protest Zinke’s BLM Pick

Montanans are not afraid of the cold and are more than happy to get up early on a Saturday morning in the cold to defend their public lands.

This morning, over 100 Montanans gathered in Hamilton, not exactly a liberal bastion, and told Secretary Zinke that Karen Budd-Falen just won’t do. Budd-Falen is the possible choice that the Trump administration wants to place as the head of the Bureau of Land Management and Secretary Zinke supports her.

Zinke and Budd-Falen are both land transfer advocates that advocate for the sale or transfer of public lands so that extraction industries can reap their windfall profits at the expense of our sacred public lands.

That is why these Montanans gathered today as Budd-Falen was set to give a presentation to the Ravalli County Commissioners on how they can try to get public lands tranfered to control of those who would sell-off our public lands.

Here is a video of the protest that was posted to Facebook this morning. It states

Ryan Zinke’s pick to head the BLM is Karen Budd-Falen. She is a land transfer advocate that threatens public access.

Over 100 Montanans greeted her in Hamilton today, telling her #KeepitPublic

Here is a link to the VIDEO: Public Lands Supporters Rally Against Zinke Pick

While your head is turned at one or more of the outrageous, unprecedented, or distracting events of the day Donald Trump and Ryan Zinke are quietly putting in place the framework to sell-off public lands, gut National Monuments and open up National Parks to unprecedented extraction industries.

The newest method is Karen Budd-Falen. Who? Exactly, we must know who she is so we can understand the threat she presents to all we hold deal in our treasured public lands. Budd-Falen is a lifelong advocate of the transfer of public lands and has developed a specialty in lobbying local elected officials to implement legally questionable measures to wrest public lands from citizens and give control to big-monied special interests.

Karen Budd-Falen may be the next head of the Bureal of Land Management under President Trump so her words and actions need to be watched carefully as she

As the Missoulian reportedControversial land use attorney invitation sparks protests

Rep. Theresa Manzella brought Karen Budd-Falen to speak to the Ravalli County Commissioners this morning in the hopes that she can lobby them to join her in transfering public lands from public hands.

It’s good to see citizens engaged with their government and acting on their concerns. Stay engaged folks and make your voice heard.




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