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We must address the GOP response to the Roy Moore scandal (cute animals in sweaters can get us through this)

We can do this together, this baby goat in a sweater believes in us.

I don’t want to write about Roy Moore.

I never want to think about Roy Moore.

I felt that way before this week, but we live in 2017 and we must do what needs to be done to stop the insanity going on in our country. So, we must discuss Roy Moore.

Here are some chickens in sweaters to get you ready.

Oh, just look at those lil’ fellers. Ok, ready? Ready.

According to a former legal colleague of Moore’s, as written about in the Washington Examiner:

“It was common knowledge that Roy dated high school girls, everyone we knew thought it was weird … We wondered why someone his age would hang out at high school football games and the mall,” Teresa Jones, a Deputy District Attorney for Etowah County, Ala., who worked alongside Roy Moore, told CNN.

Roy Moore even admitted on the Sean Hannity radio show:

Ok, that is too much. I am going to need to take a breath. This is horrifying and exists in the realm of things that we should not need to be weighed when voting for a United States Senator. “Oh, they date underage girls, definitely voting for literally anything else. An old shoe? Yep. A bag of used diapers? It’s not Roy Moore, so sure. A box of rats? Did the rats molest young girls, no? Ok, then a box of rats it is.”

And I am hyperventilating infuriated. Here’s a cat in a hooded sweater to gander at while I recover.

Ok, I’m ready, you?

Time for Steve Daines response…

Steve Daines did end up rescinding his endorsement of Roy Moore, but not before casting doubt on the women who made the allegations for a day and then sending only a tweet that said almost nothing and did not show him to be someone who had human emotions about such a disturbing situation.

But did we expect more from Steve Daines? On this, yes. He is a father of a daughter, he should discuss at least how the allegations made him feel or maybe we should demand that he not vote to seat Roy Moore if he somehow gets elected. It is possible Moore gets elected. It is 2017 and a literal bag of used diapers is President. (Not to mention Greg Gianforte holding elected office after assaulting a journalist.)

It get’s worse.

Here’s what Moore’s response was to the accusations:

“There are investigations going on. In the next few days, there will be revelations about the motivations and the content of this [Post] article. They will be made public,”

Roy Moore vowed Saturday to present evidence in the “next few days” that he said will question the motives surrounding the sexual misconduct allegations against him.

Of course Moore’s response was egregious and disgusting and something these four women should not have to endure. It is no wonder they did not come forward earlier. You have Fox News looking into their employment history, Breitbart saying things I won’t print here and the right-wing machine on Twitter and Facebook concocting scenarios that make pizzagate look less insane.

You even have Montana elected official, State Senator Jennifer Fielder weighing in

You may remember Fielder as the zealous wingnut who believes that we should be drilling for oil in Glacier National Park and digging for gold in Yellowstone while selling off the rest of our precious public lands to the lowest bidder.

Jack Posobiec, a man who is not important and is only notable in his connections to the nazi-precursor org, the “alt-right”, and the fact that Twitter would not remove this tweet or suspend his account when he posted the location of employment for one of the accusers of Moore. Rose Mcgowan was suspended from Twitter for posting about Harvey Weinstein, but not this guy. Twitter’s policy is clearly in favor sexual abusers, not victims.

We don’t need to give up on all Republicans just yet, it seems that, according to The Intercept:


That is good news, but largely politically motivated. If nothing else it shows us that many people in Alabama were talking about this issue for the last 40 years.

One Republican Senator did surprise this morning on Meet the Press. Senator Pat Toomey, Republican from Pennsylvania, stated that maybe Alabamans should not vote for Moore, he should step aside and that Republicans should write-in Luther Strange as another Republican option. Toomey also boldly stated:  “the accusations are more reliable than the denial.”

The internet had its own response and that was covered in this NPR story:

#MeAt14 Reminds Internet 14-Year-Olds Are Innocent, Immature, Unable To Consent

We did it everybody, we got through it because we can’t sit out. We have to engage and make sure Roy Moore never holds elected office again.

Here is your reward, a cute baby goat in a sweater.


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