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Getting to know candidate for Congress Tom Woods

As a State Representative, Tom has always stood up for progressive causes in the face of fierce resistance by powerful special interests. When Northwestern Energy tried to hike prices on consumers, Tom introduced legislation to stop them—and won, dealing the utility a rare defeat in the legislature. He took on the hospitals and challenged soaring medical costs that send Montana families into bankruptcy every year. And he helped lead the fight for Medicaid expansion, which gave 80,000 Montanans access to affordable healthcare.

Tom is running for Congress because he understands how working families in Montana struggle to make ends meet. In the past, he’s been a bartender, a musician, and a bellhop. Now he’s a teacher, a husband, and a father to two kids. He will always fight for Montana families, no matter what.

Protecting Students from Debt

As a teacher at MSU, Tom has seen first hand how many students graduate tens of thousands of dollars in debt. When in Congress, Tom will sponsor legislation to make all public colleges tuition-free and forgive outstanding student debt.

Tom will always fight for Montana’s students and teachers. He worked with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to pass a landmark bill endorsed by MEA-MFT to fix teacher pensions while warding off attempts by conservatives to gut these essential retirement plans.

Investing in Indian Country

Native families in Indian Country face a number of challenges, including sub-standard housing conditions, high unemployment, and a chronically underfunded Indian Health Service. We must do better. Tom will lead the fight to ensure these communities receive their fair share of federal dollars.

Fix Healthcare Now

Tens of thousands of Montanans still lack insurance, and millions of Americans struggle to pay their rising premiums. Healthcare is a right, and Washington is not doing enough to protect families from soaring healthcare costs. Tom will co-sponsor Medicare-for-All, which will eliminate premiums and deductibles while ensuring Montanans can go to the doctor of their choice without worrying about out-of-network costs or confusing paperwork.

Meanwhile, one-in-four Montanans rely on Medicaid to pay for their healthcare. Tom will vigorously resist attempts by Republicans to undermine this vital program. He will never vote for cynical Republican plans to strip healthcare from millions of Americans in order to cut taxes for the wealthy.

Ending Corporate Influence in Government

Corporations have a right to make a profit, but they shouldn’t have the right to make laws. Tom will work to end Citizens United and reform America’s broken public campaign financing system.

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