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Greg Gianforte Must Recuse Himself from the Upcoming Vote to Cut His Own Taxes by More Than $100 Million

Ultra-Millionaire, Rep. Gianforte Has Already Announced His Support

For Tax Cuts for the Ultra-Wealthy like himself and for Corporations

John Heenan, candidate for Congress, is formally calling upon Representative Greg Gianforte to recuse himself from voting on H.B.1 “The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” which includes a provision that repeals the estate and generation-skipping transfer taxes.

“I’m all for cutting taxes for hardworking American families, individuals and small business owners,” said Heenan. “Progressive tax policy that rewards hard work and doesn’t include massive loopholes and shelters for the ultra-wealthy is what our country needs. Montana’s farmers, ranchers, business owners and families have had enough with the corruption.” 

On Nov. 2, 2017, H.B.1 “The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” was introduced by Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas), on behalf of Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan, and the with the public support of President Trump and his administration. Rep. Greg Gianforte has announced his support for the measure.

Rep. Gianforte is the wealthiest member of U.S. Congress with an estimated net-worth of $315 million. Learn more here:

John Heenan said:

“Greg Gianforte and his family stand to benefit from this massive tax cut for the ultra-rich to the tune of about $100 million as far as I can determine from the public record that is available,” Heenan said. “It may be more. He needs to disclose how much he will benefit from the bill should it become law. Regardless, I am calling upon Greg Gianforte to recuse himself from this vote, in the interests of Montanans. How can he fairly represent us when he has such a massive, multi-million dollar conflict of interest with this vote on H.B.1? It is impossible.” 

Tester has solicited feedback from Montanans on tax reform via social media and has directly responded to a variety of questions submitted on his Facebook page. 

He also launched an online portal to take feedback from Montanans.  Tester’s online portal can be found HERE.

Overall, Heenan said he is opposed to H.B.1 because it provides too many tax loopholes and tax breaks for the wealthy, including the provisions that will benefit Rep. Gianforte directly. Heenan has called for a reboot of the debate regarding the future of America’s tax policy, prioritizing the needs of small businesses, communities, middle-income Americans, farmers and ranchers.

For more information regarding H.B.1, learn more here:

The Primary Election in 2018 is scheduled for Tuesday, June 5.



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