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Getting to know candidate for Congress Grant Kier

Meet Grant Kier

Living in Missoula with his wife, Becks, and daughter, Fiona, Grant and his family have always appreciated the Rocky Mountains and the people who live there. Avid outdoor enthusiasts, it’s not uncommon to find them outside, enjoying the best of what Montana has to offer.

Grant’s professional career started in geophysics, working alongside roughnecks and mudloggers. That experience taught him the importance of well-paying jobs for hard-working Montanans trying to provide a secure life for their families. The same background also taught Grant the importance of addressing issues like climate change, and protecting clean air and water for future generations. His diverse professional record still gives him the tools he needs to find common ground in complex situations by combining scientific best practices with a deep commitment to respecting community values and individual perspectives.

After Grant left the petroleum industry, he had the opportunity to put these tools to work preserving Montana’s outdoor legacy of both wild and working lands. Grant first worked as the Executive Director of the Bitter Root Land Trust, where he and a coalition of ranchers and farmers successfully passed the first open space bond in Ravalli County. Grant then moved to a larger organization, becoming Executive Director at the Five Valleys Land Trust. There he extended his successful record of improving Montanans’ access to public and private lands and preserving working farms and ranches for agriculture and habitat.

In his time working with land trusts, Grant has preserved century-old family farms, expanded access to hunting and fishing, and protected a lasting outdoor legacy for future generations. Because of land trusts’ unique approach to private conservation, this work required Grant to engage Montanans from diverse backgrounds, give them seats at the table, listen respectfully to their perspectives, and find ways to overcome their differences. This work continues to create a better Montana, for Fiona, and all other Montana kids.

When elected, Grant will take his proven record of common sense problem-solving and consensus-building to Congress. There he will advocate for all Montanans, working to find solutions that benefit everyone, not ones that create new conflicts or set groups against each other.

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