Getting to know candidate for Congress Jared Pettinato

“As a fourth-generation Montanan, I have spent my life serving Montana’s people. Now, I see opportunities for even greater service to the land and the people I love. Would you please join me, so we can build Montana’s future together?” – Jared Pettinato

Deep Experience in Montana’s Natural Resource Issues

Jared served at the United States Department of Justice from 2008 to 2017, where he defended $16 billion of projects that include public lands projects, wind farms, highways, and public rails. That whole time, he litigated cases in Montana. Among other cases, he defended the Forest Service’s ability to drop fire retardant out of airplanes, and prevailed in interpreting the federal Montana Wilderness Study Act. He also defended four new metro lines that Los Angeles is building.

After obtaining his mathematics degree from the University of Montana, Jared attended Stanford Law School and clerked for Justice W. William Leaphart on the Montana Supreme Court. Jared also represented the people of the United States by serving two years on a federal grand jury.

He wrote a book on political science and economics titled Beyond Party that he is seeking to publish, remodeled an 1895 house, and started a small business renting rooms there.

Jared’s experiences, and the skills he has gathered, position him to help Montanans make more money, to conserve the public lands they enjoy, and to expand freedom.

Jared currently has this statement under his issues tab on his website which you can find here: Montanans for Jared

The Wind and the Trees

Montana can export more wind energy and trees to grow the economy and to expand freedom. It can make money out of thin air and use the money growing on trees to manage the forest. Developing these resources will advance energy independence with more clean power and decrease high-severity wildfires while preserving wildlife habitat and forests from wildfires’ devastating effects. Montanans live close to the land, and my experience with Montanan natural resource issues helps me see the best policy solution for moving Montana forward.


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