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Jon Tester has passed more bills this year than he can count on his 7 fingers

Don’t quote me on that title, the phrase comes from Jon Tester’s campaign manager Christie Roberts via the Morning Consult:

“Whoever made that argument was probably sleeping at 5 a.m. last Friday when Jon woke up at his farm in Big Sandy to load wheat from his farm into the semi-truck for a shipment before heading down to Great Falls to talk to 100 folks at a county dinner,” she said in an email Wednesday. “It also falls flat when you realize Jon has sent more bills to Donald Trump’s desk than he can count on his own fingers.”

The piece explains that Senator Tester’s poll numbers have continued to steadily climb over the course of 2017 as Senator Tester has successfully steered 8 bills through the House and Senate.

This comes as Tester has weathered dark money attacks all year to the tune of over a million dollars already and it’s not even 2018.

Tester is doing very well, he has raised nearly 8 million dollars for his re-election efforts while his opponents are struggling to raise campaign funds as KTVH covered here.

Matt Rosendale is sitting at only $400,000 raised so far as Don covered here.

Troy Downing has loaned his campaign twice as much money as he has raised as KTVH covered here.

Russ Fagg’s campaign is off to a terribly bad start as he had raised no money yet and already has a Federal Election Commission complaint against him as the Missoula Current covered here.

It’s obvious that Jon Tester has been working hard for Montana and working against the forces of dark money. It is a careful tightrope to walk, but Tester seems more than prepared to keep fighting for all Montanans.
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  • It’s amazing how weak Senator Tester is, considering he’s had 2 terms already.

    That’s what the need for the $8 million is…desperation. He knows he’s got a good shot at losing. That’s why he needs that $8 million.

    And what will it be spent on?

    TV ads to assault you. Junk mail for your inbox. Two things Montanans love, eh?

    Very weak sauce.

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