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Employees at the State Auditor’s office are organizing despite Rosendale’s opposition to unions

Over the last ten months, the employees over at the State Auditor’s Office have had front and center seats to see Matt Rosendale’s (and Kris Hansen’s) true colors and they’re not too happy with what they’ve seen.

Last week, the Montana Public Employees Association (MPEA) filed a petition to represent state workers who found themselves with a new boss when the sun came up last November 9th.  Several public employee unions have taken a run at the Auditor’s office over the last forty-some years, but with no real success.  However, from the sounds of it, a large group of workers from the Auditor’s office met with staffers from MPEA and within a week the paperwork was filed with the Department of Labor and Industry to get the ball rolling.

Auditor employees can look forward to a fair and retaliation free process … well, they can hope for one.  No doubt Rosendale is enraged and it’s only a matter of time before his enforcer, Kris Hansen, lashes out.  After all, the ingrates (i.e. the employees) are questioning their leadership and power!

In reality, those hard working state employees really just want fairness and equity in the workplace.  While there are plenty of rumors running among the labor community about what’s going on inside the Auditor’s office, MPEA has kept quiet.  While union organizers would like to be able to tell workers they’re safe from retaliation, there’s just no way to assure it won’t happen.  Keeping a lid on the facts about how workers are being treated by Rosendale’s politically appointed staff is one way to stop them from identifying the ‘instigators.’ No doubt their looking for them!

Sixty-five percent of Montana state employees are organized and for good reason.  Every four years they run the risk of having a new boss sitting on the second floor in the governor’s office and out in state agencies, including the State Auditor’s office.  A union and a contract offer stability and consistency – both things that seem to be missing over at the Auditor’s office these days.  Ironically, a union and a contract can offer stability and consistency to an incoming administration since the rules have already been written.

Then again, Matt Rosendale, who hates unions and anyone who questions his authority, will likely think there’s nothing good about a union or a contract. Looks like Rosendale’s office will have to be improved the hard way.

Stay strong MPEA and State Auditor employees; there’s no way Matt Rosendale is going to let this run its course smoothly.  Let’s just hope he doesn’t hold the same opinion of organized employees as he does for those damn government drones!

Corey Stapleton, you could be next.

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