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Montana Municipal Race Highlights


With a little over one week until another election day, it bears a reminder that you need to mail back your municipal ballot or, if you haven’t received one to go to your local elections office, generally at your county courthouse and register to vote or update your address and vote on the spot.

With that reminder, here is a quick recap of what’s happening in these crucial municipal elections.

Key Endorsements Highlight 2017 Municipal Elections

Missoula Mayoral race:

Lisa Triepke has generated much news coverage and inspired some nasty trolls online. She has also been found to be in violation of Montana campaign finance laws. Missoula Mayor John Engen had a late claim against his campaign dismissed.

Other stories on the race:

Missoula mayoral candidate removed Facebook post after questions about racist overtones

Lisa Triepke’s Divisive Campaign

Lisa Triepke campaign surrogate Wes Spiker goes off script 

Is Lisa Triepke Running for Mayor of Bozeman or Missoula?

Helena Mayoral race:

The Lee newspapers Helena Independent Record reports that: Helena’s mayoral candidates: Refugee crisis is not a city issue

But in 2016, the issue was important enough for Jim Smith to agree with an Islamophobic organization that has ties to the Charlottesville violence.

Other stories on the race:

Firefighters Deserve Better

Jim Smith isn’t a racist, but…

Helena Municipal Races:

Vote Yes on the Jail Levy

Burzynski is kind of a hypocrite when it comes to Helena jobs

City Commission candidate hit with epic zinger

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  • The mayoral race in Billings is an interesting one. Nary a progressive to be found but it is Billings after all. You’ve got your far-right candidate, former Montana Republican Party Chairman and Montana Senate President Jeff Essmann; and then there’s the Chamber of Commerce and establishment candidate, Bill Cole.

    I’m not impressed by either one but I suppose I’d vote for Cole if I lived in the Magic city having witnessed Essmann’s shenanigans during the last legislative session.

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