What Exactly has Corey Stapleton Been Doing for the last Two Months?

Why are we paying for Corey Stapleton’s Amazon videos, tires, hotel rooms and salary of $95,695, if he’s not doing his job?

The ever crucial task of maintaining the voter registration rolls for the State of Montana has not been updated for over two months. The last update was on August 17th, 2017 according to the Montana Secretary of State’s website.

I could see two weeks for maintenance or a month if an election had just occurred, but to go two months without updating is incompetence, negligence or is it an abuse of power to sway the local municipal elections in two weeks?

No one seems to know and while we wait for the official records request that this blog’s founder successfully crowdfunded for we will have to explore the public records available on the MT SOS website: click here to explore

Just click on the highlighted link below:

This will take you here, where you will see that this important voter data is sitting stagnant.

What exactly is going on at the Montana Secretary of State’s office?



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  • I’m wondering whether candidates can get up to date voter lists for their districts. There are ways to test whether they can, and candidates and political parties have the resources to do so, as do the mainstream news media and the rare blogger with an investigations fund. But everyone else is being deprived of current data for some unknown purpose. The situation is not normal and casts a shadow on MTSecST.

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