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Zinke’s Pals at Whitefish Energy Busy Tweeting Threats at Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico


The big question on everyone’s lips is:

How did Whitefish Energy get the no-bid, 300 million dollar contract to repair Puerto Rico’s energy grid after Hurricane Maria?

The contract granted to a company with ties to both Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke and the Trump Administration through donations of Whitefish Energy’s backer.

If you’re following this story it is hard to keep up with the fast-moving developments, but here is the latest:

San Juan mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz calls for canceling ‘alarming’ contract for Puerto Rican power repairs:

This led to a series of tweets from Whitefish Energy:

The research on this company is uncovering some troubling facts:

In emergency services, mutual aid is an agreement among emergency responders to lend assistance across jurisdictional boundaries. This may occur due to an emergency response that exceeds local resources, such as a disaster. The work is usually done at a regular rate, which I know for a fact a lineman in Montana does not make $300 an hour.

This has led to the Puerto Rico gov requests audit into contract awarded to tiny energy company

The petty tweets from Whitefish Energy come in the wake of what has been called ‘Apocalyptic’ devastation in Puerto Rico. The death count is hard to keep track of just like everything to do with the nightmare of a disaster response in Puerto Rico by the Trump administration, but as of yesterday:

Deaths from Hurricane Maria increase to 51 in Puerto Rico

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