Fox News Host’s Blog Just Insulted Montanans, Defended Gianforte and Justified Murdering Journalists

Tucker Carlson runs The Daily Caller. It is a beltway insider hit-job factory that I don’t recommend reading.

The Daily Caller posted a piece that claims Montanans are gun-toting, violent morons and jokes about the assault of Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs by Greg Gianforte in this piece posted yesterday:

I’ve spent a lot of time in Montana, and I knew the moment this altercation happened that people in Montana wouldn’t really care. In fact, the beautiful people in Montana have a particular disdain for the media and coastal elites. I loved how all these morons in the media thought Gianforte cost himself the election. Anybody who has spent substantial time in Montana knew he sealed his victory the moment Jacobs hit the ground.

A coworker of mine asked me shortly after the dustup what I thought a lot of people in Montana would have done. I jokingly said that at least a few of them probably would have shot him.

And it continues as it discusses the remarks of Montana Republican Party official Karen Marshall who stated she “would have shot” Jacobs.

I don’t know exactly how the state laws in Montana would have applied to a shooting in this situation, but Marshall appears to be very confident it would have been justified.

Greg Gianforte pled guilty to assaulting Ben Jacobs. That is not justified.

Speculating if it is justifiable to murder a reporter for doing their job is beyond reproach, yet those who are familiar with Carlson know that these sorts of discussions are his meat and potatoes.

The repugnant and quite frankly dangerous language in the piece on The Daily Caller was posted just hours before a Russian journalist was stabbed while doing a radio broadcast in Moscow. The journalist, Tatyana Felgengauer works for Ekho Moskvy, an independent station, which often broadcasts views critical of Putin.

It really is an anomaly that Greg Gianforte was elected at all.

His assault on Ben Jacobs on the eve of the election had little impact on a low voter turnout race where 50% of the votes had already been cast via mail-in ballot by the time of his assault. If Montana voters could have cast their ballots knowing that Gianforte would violently and without cause attack a journalist, he would not be in Washington D.C. today.

As shown in the searchable statistics on the Montana Secretary of State’s website nearly 517,000 Montanans cast ballots in the election of November 2016. Seven months later the special election had a total turnout of 383,000, 25% fewer voters turned out.

Montanans are not happy that Greg Gianforte won and the damage that Greg Gianforte has done to Montana will echo for years. From his families’ funding of hate groups inside and outside of Montana to his violent outburst which has branded Montanans in some people’s eyes as an unruly, uneducated mob.

Montanans know we are not these things.

We will elect a new representative to Congress in November 2018 and will work hard to put Gianforte’s shame in the past.

While the piece is wrong on nearly every point it makes the author is correct about one thing, we do have a disdain for coastal elites, coastal elites like Tucker Carlson who give a platform to people like the author to spread disgusting lies about Montanans.

Montanans have no qualms with the media and we don’t really concern ourselves with big city types too much, that’s why we’re in Montana.

What bothers us is when outsiders try to tell us what we Montanans are like and what we should or should not be doing.

We don’t like it when hacks like Tucker Carlson tell us that we like what Greg Gianforte did to Ben Jacobs or that we condone it or would have done it or even gone further as Karen Marshall said:

The reporter at Greg’s barbecue; I was there, I am a friend of Greg’s.

If that kid had done to me what he did to Greg, I would have shot him.

Montana Republican Party Staffer Karen Marshall does not represent Montanans.

Karen Marshall represents Greg Gianforte and the Montana Republican Party

Montanans were very upset when Greg Gianforte assaulted Ben Jacobs and rightly so for a number of reasons.

It is not ok to attack reporters or people you disagree with and we knew opportunistic slimeballs like the author of this piece would use this one incident of Greg Gianforte(who was not born in Montana) to depict the rest of us as brainless, violent morons who hate people from New York City.

The author claims to be familiar with Montana and visits regularly. I doubt this is true as he understands little about us, but just in case, I’d like to extend an invitation to the author to not come back and quit misrepresenting Montanans in the media, it makes you look ignorant.


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  • Nathan,

    This is the second time you have referenced Mrs. Marshall’s comments. The best response to this issue comes from James Conner: \

    “Heenan twists woman’s words to play political Gotcha!….

    Marshall undoubtedly was speaking figuratively, not literally, using a common expression to add emphasis to her criticism of Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs approach to Greg Gianforte on election eve in May

    . . . . In an effort to make political Hay, Heenan, and Democratic operatives, are taking Marshall’s unwise words literally so that they can accuse her, and by association, Gianforte, of threatening to kill someone.

    It’s the worst kind of political Gotcha! It doesn’t change votes. It diverts attention from important issues. It cheapens politics, and feeds cynicism. Voters hate it. So do I.
    Heenan should know better even if his campaign operatives don’t.”

    • I’ve got a ton of respect for James, but he’s off the mark here. That was not a figure of speech. She clearly believed the Gianforte spin (lie) about what happened that night and responded with extremist rhetoric.

      That Mr. Gianforte still hasn’t apologized for or explained why his campaign lied that night, despite the response the lie engendered, reveals a great deal about his character.

      • More than anything else, I’m puzzled by the determination of Democrats to take Marshall’s comment literally. “I would have shot him” is a well worn figure of speech, primarily used to provide emphasis when the speaker is at a loss for better words. Saying “I would have shot him” was Marshall’s way of arguing that Gianforte’s assault of Jacobs was restrained given the enormity of the reporter’s provocation (she seems to believe Jacobs was impudent, disrespectful, and in every way in the wrong to persist in asking a question of a rich man he should have acknowledged was his better).

        Was her choice of words wise? Of course not. It was intellectually lazy; lowdown and lowbrow; rude, crude, and vulgar. But it wasn’t a threat. She wasn’t exhorting her listeners to shoot Jacobs. She was simply employing a figure of speech best not used publicly to defend the extremist proposition that impudent proletarians such as Jacobs should be punished severely for denying plutocrats such as Gianforte the respect and deference to which they are entitled. It was her way of praising Gianforte for not being rougher with Jacobs.

        Her attempt to defend Gianforte failed miserably, of course. Gianforte himself condemned her comment. She was pressured into resigning her official position with the Republican Party.

        I respectfully disagree with Don and stand by my opinion that her comment was a figure of speech.

        • It’s certainly an expression I’ve never used. And in the context of the aftermath of an assault, an assault that Gianforte lied about to create the narrative that he was in the right, it’s a terrible example of poor judgment.

          Mr. Gianforte created this situation when he let his campaign staff lie about his assault the night it happened.

    • @Pogo – Thanks for the clarification. Like Trumpsky’s mouth and attitude, we’re supposed to take Ms Marshall’s nastiness ….. seriously, but not literally. Right.

      And, by the way, your choice of user name here is an insult to Walt Kelly.

  • As a native Montanan who grew up not far from where Karen Marshall now lives in a pastel pink mansion in the mountains above Bozeman, I’d like to remind folks that Marshall is from Florida and Gianforte is from California. The problem in Montana is that political power has been seized by rich creeps from out of state who flee to Montana because they don’t like black and brown people. Before Ms Marshall took down her FB page, I read through her posts. She’s a vile person judging from her racist posts. The real question is why the Gallatin County Republicans gave Marshall a leadership position. Maybe the entire Montana Republican party is alt right. I miss the Montana of my youth but that kind strong place is long gone and all that remains are the racists who threaten violence to the voices of freedom and democracy.

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