RECORDING: Gianforte Supporter Says they “Would Have Shot” Ben Jacobs

Live on the air today on the Voices of Montana, a caller who was identified as Karen by Voices of Montana host Jon Arneson had this to say:

Congressional candidate John Heenan identified the caller as Karen Marshall, who is one of the heads of the Gallatin County Republican Women and according to herself, a close friend of Greg Gianforte.

Karen was calling in to ask John Heenan, a Billings consumer protection attorney, a question about his Congressional bid and she prefaced her question by saying:

“The reporter at Greg’s barbecue; I was there, I am a friend of Greg’s.

If that kid had done to me what he did to Greg, I would have shot him.”

I think nothing more clearly elaborates that we need a new congressman. This audio is despicable and downright deplorable. We must stand up for a free and independent press to ask all of our elected officials the tough policy questions. If you remember, Ben Jacobs was asking for Gianforte’s stance on the CBO score of the ACA repeal bill when Gianforte attacked him.

John Heenan says:

“The violent thuggery that Gianforte peddles needs to stop. Montana is better than this.”

Heenan is challenging Gianforte on his actions of May 24th when he assaulted Ben Jacobs. Heenan says he will stand up to bullies in Congress for all Montanans.

If you think Montana needs new leadership then check out John Heenan’s campaign today and like his Facebook page: John Heenan for Congress

Here is the original Facebook post of the radio audio:


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