Moss to Join Race for Congress, Noonan Being Recruited

It looks as if former State Senator Lynda Moss is set to run for Congress.

Moss posted a want ad online as she is looking to hire fundraising staff. This is a definite indicator that she will be imminently joining the race as Federal election law requires that once $5,000 is raised the candidate must file the paperwork to run.

Former State Representative from Butte Pat Noonan is currently being recruited to run and has said he is considering it.

Noonan stated:

“I am truly honored by all the people who have reached out and asked me to run for Congress. I am considering this opportunity carefully and weighing what is best for my family and Montana.” Pat Noonan

These are both very exciting new entrants into the discussion for this seat that will be hotly contested to wrest control away from Rep. Greg Gianforte and his infamy.

This is especially exciting considering the quality and experience these two candidates bring to the race.

Noonan was the leader of the bipartisan compromise that worked across the aisle in the 2015 Legislative Session to get Medicaid Expansion and the DISCLOSE act passed. Without Noonan’s diligent efforts 80,000 Montanans would be without health insurance coverage today and dark money would be unchecked.

As stated in the want ad:

Lynda has served on several boards of directors including Friends of Montana PBS, Montana Governor’s Tourism Advisory Council, and the American Association of Museums. She is the recipient of several awards including the Montana Governor’s Humanities Award, The Wilderness Association’s Brass Lantern Award, and the National Park Service’s National Conservation Hero Award.

A resident of Billings, Moss holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, a master’s degree from University of Northern Iowa and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Montana State University.

Lynda’s campaign is now hiring fundraising staff.  Prior campaign and fundraising experience is not required.  This job would be an excellent opportunity for recent college/law school graduates and others who are interested in pursuing a career in Democratic politics or looking for a once in a lifetime experience.


(Editorial Disclaimer: Nathan Kosted previously worked for the Noonan campaign in 2016 during his bid for the Public Service Commission)

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  • Moss’ online ad, as copied above, refers to Ryan “Zilke” — twice. Is the ad real? Is it a typo? It doesn’t inspire confidence if it was crafted by the candidate.

    • It was on a very reputable hiring website for campaign staff and the rest is very well written and accurate about Lynda. Probably just an autocorrect error. I don’t see anything that would lead me to believe this is fake or any good reason to make a fake.

        • The misspelled name raised a red flag for me, too. Whether it’s of autocorrect origin is irrelevant. It’s the blunder of someone who doesn’t pay attention to detail. Whether the ad is bogus can be determined by getting in touch with Moss (and also asking who Tom C. VanHorn is). Given “Prior campaign and fundraising experience is not required,” it seems to me that VanHorn may be looking for someone who will work cheap and worship Moss.

          If Moss, Noonan, and Kathleen Williams, enter the contest, there will be six names on the ballot. Because it’s a first past the post primary, in theory just 17 percent of the vote could win the nomination. A contested primary is good for the party and for democracy. But an election won by a person who was not the first choice of more than four or five voters is a bad business. Montana needs instant runoff elections.

          It’s very late for candidates for the U.S. House to be announcing their candidacies. The time to start running for the office was one second after the polls closed on 25 May 2017.

          • I hope that we don’t see six (or more) on the ballot next June. Maybe two or even three of them will be able to admit to themselves by the end of March that they don’t have a real shot, and can find one of the remaining contenders to endorse.

  • If Pat Noonan got into this race, my tired and jaded little political heart would be totally INSPIRED again. Wow. I served three sessions with Pat. He’s a power broker and one of the best I ever saw in the Capitol. Greg won’t bodyslam that Butte boy. I HOPE HE RUNS!

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