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Jim Smith isn’t a racist, but…

Helena Mayor Jim Smith is not a racist. He’s choice to attend a racist, white supremacist, and anti-refugee gathering  was utterly stupid and illustrated a level of complete ineptitude; but anyone that knows Mayor Smith will tell you that he’s not a racist.

That said, just because you’re not a racist doesn’t mean you deserve to be re-elected. So, here are 7 reasons Mayor Jim Smith should not be re-elected.

  • Mayor Smith opposed Medicaid expansion, which has insured nearly 100,000 Montanans who were previously uninsured. Going into the 2015 Legislative Session, Smith refused to back Medicaid expansion even though the majority of his constituents supported it. Why? Because Smith is a lobbyist and believed supporting Medicaid expansion, which eventually passed during the 2015 Session, would hurt his political capital in the halls of the Capitol.
  • Mayor Smith doesn’t care about climate change (even though most Helenans do).
  • Mayor Smith has done nothing to address Helena’s failing infrastructure. Afraid to rock the boat, Smith has repeatedly kicked the can down the road. It took Commissioners Andres Halladay and Rob Farris-Olsen to force the discussion and look for real long-term solutions to Helena’s infrastructure problems without putting the burden on average tax payers.
  • Mayor Smith doesn’t even want the job. Smith had said this was his last term and that he wasn’t going to run for re-election. Then, after some backroom arm twisting, he got back in the race to take on progressive Wilmot Collins.
  • Mayor Smith was opposed to allowing refugees of war to re-settle in Helena.
  • Mayor Smith supported the Confederate Fountain (until he didn’t because of public pressure).
  • Mayor Smith attended a a racist, white supremacist, and anti-refugee gathering and gave credibility to a vile group of hate-mongers.
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